What Tattoo Should Papa K Get Next?

Yes… I always refer to myself in the third person… don’t you?

Day twenty-one of 30 blogs in 30 days (I’m in the HOME STRETCH!)


My Father’s Day present rocked.

Bunny presented me with a gift certificate to the tattoo shop where I get all my obsessive skin-art.  I haven’t gotten a tattoo since I got DLG’s name over my heart (or left titty… however you wanna look at it) a little over a year and a half ago so I’m due.

I just need to decide what I’m going to do.

I’ve narrowed the selections of what I want to get next to three choices.  Let me know which one you think I should get next.

 – “Est. 1979” across my back like this (this isn’t a very good picture and it’s not on the back… but you get the idea):

I’m leaning towards this across my back because I don’t have anything on my back yet and I think it’ll be pretty close to what I have to spend.

 – “The Hulk” on the inside of my left leg in an effort to complete my superhero leg sleeve (this one would really hurt):

 – Or Dean Yeagle’s “Mandy” on my left ribcage.  I would customize her into leaning on a baseball bat, holding a baseball and wearing some Texas Ranger gear… although I would just be able to afford the outline for the timebeing since this would be a fairly big piece:

Put in your two cents.  I might take your advice… I might not.

If you’re my mom… telling me “not to get another tattoo” isn’t a viable option.

Oh… and I’m going to see if I can get this small tattoo thrown in:

I’m not kidding…


I’ll take this opportunity to list probably the least interesting for all my readers but still feel the need to honorably display it because I read it all the time.

Baseball Time In Arlington (or BBTiA) is a very well written Texas Rangers blog.  I live, breath, sleep, eat, poop, sweat, fart and snort the Texas Rangers and this is the best fan source for anything Texas Ranger related.

If you’re a baseball fan, you don’t even have to be a TEXAS RANGER fan… you should check out this site because it is so well put together.  Click the pic of Josh Hamilton (my favorite player and man-crush) to take you there:

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14 responses to “What Tattoo Should Papa K Get Next?

  1. I’d ask your daughter which tattoo you should get…and she’ll be able to tell her kids that she chose it for you.

    • chriskoenig4324

      You know… I’d actually thought of that but I think I’m going to wait until she’s a little older to do that.

  2. dude, totally think u should either get the guy to do the detailing on your bunny tattoo like ur hero leg or do more work on ur leg and get that finished up a bit more. thats my thoughts on it.

  3. Hulk. Finish the sleeve man. You’ll be really happy when it’s done.

    (The “Est. 1979” sounds a little gay. Just sayin’.)

  4. Either the Hulk or the Est. 1979.

  5. I’ve met a couple of people with the mustache on the finger tat and it never gets old. That shit is classic.

  6. I’m a bit torn — but I’d stay away from the 1979 on your back. The mustache was cool.

  7. The mustache is HILARIOUS. I totally love that! I think you should work on getting your legs finished, too. Don’t like the “est. 1979″…it’s just too corny.

  8. Someday….someday…you are going to so regret this. I’m just going to cackle from my wheelchair and be totally unsympathetic.

    That said, I have to agree with Jenni, the moustache is hilarious. And I have already given my (unwanted) opinion on the 1979 thing.

  9. chriskoenig4324

    So… everyone has spoken pretty much loud and clear: DON’T GET THE “EST. 1979”. I get it. I get it.

  10. Yeah. ‘Cause it’s gay.

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