DLG’s Top Five Books

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My kid loves to read.  I credit myself because I used to read to her when she was still in her mama’s belly and when her ears were nothing more than nubby pinholes.

She loves a good episode of Yo Gabba Gabba or Wonder Pets… but nothing beats cuddling up to her old man and reading a book.  I also enjoy it because it’s the only reading I get besides Entertainment Weekly. 

And there are pictures. 

And they’re only like twenty pages.

And there are pictures.

So here’s a countdown of the top five books that DLG likes her daddy to read to her:

5. I Love You Through And Through

Books hardly come more heartfelt. 

The book allows you to hold your kid close and tell them how much you love them.  If you haven’t read it before it will also help your kiddo learn different body part and emotions as the book tells you, “I love your hair and your eyes… your giggles and your cries.”  If you’re anything like me then you’ll have kissed your kid 20 more times after the book is over.

4. No, David!

I believe that we got this book at a baby shower before DLG was even born.  I remember skimming through it and thinking that I would never read it to DLG because it seemed so negative.  It basically follows David as he does all these bad things (jumping on the bed, chewing with his mouth open, etc.) and yelled at to not do something in a varying number of ways (“Not in the house David!” or “Stop that this instant”, etc.).  Why would I want DLG to be hit with all that negativity?

Also David looks like a little demon with his sharp little teeth.

What I didn’t know before she got here is that it is a very visual stimulating book for the little ones and it’s easy to follow along.  Since “No” is one of the first words most kids learn then they can really get involved with the story and “read” along with you. 

After reading it several hundred million times… I don’t see that the book has had any reverse effects on DLG regarding it’s “negativity”.  I was perhaps just being too much of an anal father before she was even birthed.

3. Where’s My Teddy?

This book was also purchased for us before DLG was even born.  What was once a crisp, new book is now a ripped, torn, chewed on mess of pages held together by a few staples.  The book kinda plays into my own fears: the deep dark woods, being alone, etc.  But what surprises you is its element of comfort at the very end.

It also rhymes and (like a song you hear on the radio) you’ll find yourself repeating the words while you carry on your menial tasks throughout the day.

2. Little Pea

Little Pea is a clever spin on the whole “getting your kid to eat their vegetables” idea.  Little Pea is… well… a little pea who main food consists of candy, while his dessert is spinach.  It’s a simple idea… but one I didn’t think of.

Little Pea’s authors also have two other books: Little Hoot and Little Oink with clever spins as well.

We don’t actually own this book.  I have checked it out from the library four months in a row now though.  Her birthday is coming up… I know at least one thing she’s getting.

1. Panda Bear, Panda Bear, What Do You See?

I don’t know what it is about this book… but DLG loves it.  Between her mama and I, we’ve read it no less that 150 times.

I always think it’s humorous when these books are “written by” someone.  All this book does is recite what differing animals see in the zoo.  It ain’t a book on nanotechnology so I can’t imagine the author spent a long time grinding their teeth on what was going to happen next.

Regardless, Eric Carle is the artist who’s has drawn all the pictures in the book and he’s fantastic.  I didn’t know this until recently but Eric Carle has written and illustrated something like 75 books and DLG loves every one of them.  But Panda Bear holds a special place in her heart because it’s the first book she was able to “read” (or memorize) all by herself.

Also check out “Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?” and “Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What Do You See?”

What books do you read to your kid(s)?  What books do you remember getting read to as a kid?


Who gets the esteemed privilege of getting their blog linked to today?

Well… God Will Provide is another one of my Catholic friends who writes about her walk of faith, her children (she’s preggers with #6), her struggles and other things we all like to release upon our bloggy friends.

If you know what’s good for you (like I do) then go visit my bloggy friend LauraZim at God Will Provide and suck up a healthy dose of  what’s good for you!


5 responses to “DLG’s Top Five Books

  1. The book I remember most clearly from my childhood was the Uncle Wiggley Stories. He was a lovable old coot of a grandfatherly rabbit who told the animal children all kinds of tall tales. And they always ended with (what I thought was) a hilarious “if”, as in “Now, IF the fork doesn’t run away with the spoon and IF the teapot doesn’t spank the cups and saucers till she breaks their little bottoms …THEN..Uncle Wiggly will tell you another story tomorrow.” Or something outrageous like that. I remember breathlessly waiting, hoping against hope that all the forks and spoons and teacups would be good and avoid the worst case scenario: ME being unable to hear the next story!

    Uncle Wiggley was only preparatory stuff actually, leading me to thoroughly enjoy reading all the Farmer McBroom stories to my kids (though i don’t think you heard them as much as your older siblings did). Matt especially, can recite the entire list of McBroom’s kids, ending with “…anndddd Little Clooooo..rin…da!”

    Your Dad always remembers reading “The Hat”, which floated about,landing on peoples heads and enabling them to perform heroic deeds. The hero’s name was Benito Bedaglio, a name that will stay with you FOREVER. Unfortunately, I can’t think of who wrote it.

    Obviously, I could go on and on since, every time we went to the library, we would come away with at least 50 books. They knew us well.

  2. Awesome post. We LOVE the Eric Carle books too – any of them. We have the Brown Bear and Polar Bear but not the Panda Bear book. May have to pick that up. I also love the David books. We have a few of them. The kids think they are too silly. I think we’ll have to get “I love you through and through”. That looks and sounds good.

    Lately we like: “Ten Little Ladybugs”, “Mouse Paint” which is a cool book about colors with big bright picture, “Rainbow Rob” (same idea), “I’m made of Mama’s Milk” (my nursing babes LOVE this one, full of photographs of a little girl bursing her mama), and “Breastmilk Makes My Tummy Yummy” which just has silly pictures and phrases about nursing. (I am NOT a lactivist….we just happen to like thise books).
    I was a big “reader” once I learned to read, but I don’t remember being read to. Once *I* could read I read all the Roald Dahl books (Charlie & the Chocolate Factory author). My favorite was “Matilda”. I also was quite obsessed with “Garfield” comic strip books for a long time. I owned them all. Now my kid read them. He thinks they’re hilarious too.

    • We too like Ten Little Ladybugs. One book that I didn’t mention because it’s not yet one of DLG’s favorites is Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs. I used to read that one as a kid all the time. The movie was a little disappointing b/c it didn’t quite follow the book.

  3. We like the Bear books too, there is also a Baby Bear book, we have and love them all. 🙂 Our little one’s favorite is Brown Bear b/c it’s what we started with and read so much. She also likes the Ten Little Ladybugs. Her favorites that she could read over and over are, Itsy Bitsy Spider, Precious Moments Fairy Fun, Seasame Street Beginnings Nighty-Night book (I like to read it last b/c it talks about turning out the light, so it’s a good one to wrap it up). Of course her new one is a Dora book and she loves it! It cracks me up too because she truly gets more excited about going to the book store than the toy store! I love that! Books are a great fun thing!

  4. You linked me!! Thanks for the plug!

    The Napping House has been a favorite of all of my kiddos, along with the standard Goodnight Moon and Dr. Seuss classics. My older kids love Little House, Narnia, and the Mary Poppins books. I confess I love them as well! The Pickle really enjoys the Calvin and Hobbes anthologies–I pick them up whenever I spy them at garage sales!

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