Sick Obsessions

Day twenty-six of 30 blogs in 30 days


So I got sunburnt today going to this pool:

No… it’s not our pool.  It’s a friend of ours with money.  Lots of money.  The kind of “lots of money” that just kinda pisses you off.

Regardless, they’re extremely nice people and have given us somewhat of an open door whenever we want to come and pretend like we’re living in our own palatial estate.

Also, I got to wear goggles and Bunny flashed me underwater.  It was awesome.

Anyway… I got sunburned.  Getting sunburned sucks.  But a little pain and suffering never hurt anyone right?  Besides, after you go through the annoyance of not being able to sleep cause your burn hurts too bad or when your skin starts to heal and ITCHES worse than that time you got crabs… then your skin starts TO PEEL!!


If you deny that you enjoy trying to peel the biggest piece of dead skin off your formally sunburned body… then you ARE A LIAR!!!  It always makes that cool noise too like you’re pulling Saran wrap out of a box.

I’m always a little disappointed because I get a little over-anxious and start to peel before the whole area is ready to peel.  This results in some much smaller flakes of dead skin as opposed to the potential parachute I could have peeled from my back if I had just waited an extra day or two.

C’mon…. c’mon…  stay together… stay together…

Bunny always liked to pop my back zits (when I had them) or requested that I call her into the bathroom before squeezing one I had on my face.  If she was lucky, I’d squeeze one that shot the poison out of my pimple like a bullet and brutally splash on the bathroom mirror.  Anything even remotely close to this scenario would result in her squealing with glee and requesting to get an up close look at what I’d just vanquished.

Don’t look at me like that.  You have some sort of ridiculous, sick obsession… and I want to know about it.

So I ask you, my diligent readers… I know you’re there reading RIGHT NOW… what is your sick, twisted obsession?  Do you eat your scabs?  Do you have an insatiable need to smell armpit body odor?  Do you save your pubic hair in a pickle jar?  I have laid myself out here to TELL YOU I LIKE PEELING MY DEAD SKIN TO MAKE PARACHUTES THE LEAST YOU CAN DO IS EVEN ANONYMOUSLY EMBARRASS YOURSELF!!

I mean c’mon… it’s just the internet… who’s gonna find out?


Alright.  Who’s it gonna be today?  Who’s gonna get their blog linked to from me?

How about…. ME!!  Actually I want to keep pushing my FANROLL!  C’mon… people it’s fun and it’s simple.

Step 1 – Take a picture of yourself holding a sign saying “I Read Hands To War Because _________”.

Step 2 – Send it to me at where I will then post it in my fanroll along with your URL or product or whatever and we’ll both get what we want.

For a more concise information on how to do all this click here and here.

It’s kind of like the much much much much much much much much poorer version of Facebook.

Anyway… If you’re interested in joining my fanroll then click on my screaming fans:

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9 responses to “Sick Obsessions

  1. I pick at things. Anything – scabs, pimples, boogies, nails, peeling skin (one of my favorites), ingrown hairs, you name it.

    My daughter’s feet are constantly peeling and SHE WON’T LET ME TOUCH THEM. Drives me crazy.

    Cradle cap is another good one. Bonus for being a mom is you get to pick at your kids.
    And one of the worst that I haven’t got to indulge in a long time: picking the peeling/healing skin from tattoos. My tattoo artist really gets mad about that. I tried to convince him to just tattoo a circle of color somewhere on my leg so I could pick that instead of the the tat being worked on. He didn’t go for it. Told me to just “leave them alone”. Yeah, like I have that kins of willpower.

    Bunny and I have a common thing with that husband’s-back-pimple thing. 🙂

    • Wow. MM and I are so totally soul sisters! LOL…

      In other news, is that baby Jesus in the first pic? He’s totally walking on water.

      • Seriously. You did a post on this kind of thing once to and I was totally thinking “right on!”

        And as others said….doesn’t have to be MY skin or pimples or ingrown hairs. Anyone’s will do.

        Yes, I know. I am weird.

  2. I can’t keep myself from peeling sunburns or peeling skin, either. But it doesn’t stop with mine. If someone else gets a sunburn, watch out!!

  3. What IS this obsession with peeling things? What is the basic need behind this? Huh? Huh? Huh? I agree about the sunburn thing, mine or anyone else’s but I haven’t had a sunburn in so long. Now it’s my feet. Disgusting. Which is what fascination with zits are..ewwwww. I really, really had a problem with twisting my hair until recently. I did it SO much that it caused the nerve endings in my shoulder to completely mess up and was very painful. Naturally, I didn’t tell the chiropractor that, but that’s my theory. No more hair twisting; consequently I am obsession free. Unless you count the drugs.(…..pause while everyone goes “huh?” Just kidding).

  4. I’ve gotta say that ice cream is my Achilles heel as well, but I love just plain vanilla (I know, boring). Hey, you’re on day 27! awesome 🙂

  5. I LOVE LOVE LOVE to peel ANYTHING, i get excited to just peel the protective plastic off of new stuff, i could never keep the screen protector on my phone for more than a day, it drove me nuts.

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