Search Engine Silliness

Day twenty-nine of 30 blogs in 30 days


The internet is like… big and stuff.  A lot of people use it.  A lot of them use search engines (Google, Bing, AskJeeves, etc.) to help them find what they’re looking for.  What follows are search engine terms that people have used to find my blog (quite mistakenly I assume) for the last month.

So I present them to you for your entertainment.

But before I do… I have to give credit where credit is due.  I lifted this idea from Sci-Fi Dad and his blog: Tales From The Dad Side.  Check him out if you get a chance.


how to give a forehead rug burn
run then dive forehead first on rug… guarenteed to work

can apple juice make you wet your bed?
only if it threatens you menacingly 

die by the sword double pack – white lab
someone clue me in on what this could possibly mean

going to the bathroom made my ass hurt
you should probably see someone about that

chicken tattoo leg piece
and I thought I regreted some of my tattoos

your mom test my salad
your dad test my steak… ha ha… so there…

emily browning uninvited panties
I’ve never seen Emily Brownings panties but I haven’t been invited either

moms caught peeing
some people are really freakin’ sick… on the other end of the spectrum this would make a really cool name for a band

yes master i am hypnotized
great… now go fetch me a beer, dust the entry way and then make me a sandwich

cage fighting, boner
uh-oh… that’s a good way to REALLY get your ass kicked

grandpas, hangers
Lets try and think of the two most random things and see if we can connect them through the magic of the internet

who’s breathing for me
here’s a clue: you

mc hammer bulge
Not through Hammer pants he ain’t

it should be illegal to judge me for the
…….. for the…… for the…. for the WHAT!  The suspense is killing me

do rangers get pants in hands of war
I’ve got nothing…

kid born into puberty
skip potty training and dive right into teenage defiance… brilliant idea!  Not.

arse full of chips
I ‘ate it when that ‘appens to ma arse

youngest 40 year old
Unbelievably, the youngest and the oldest 40-year-old are both 40!

pancake batter on naked skin
just when you thought you’ve heard of ever fetish in the book… there’s a pancake one


As I stated at the end of yesterdays post, I would link to the bloggers who commented on that previous post.

Many thanks to Seattle Dad (of Luke, I Am Your Father) and Keith Wilcox (of Almighty Dad) for stopping by and commenting on my crappy little blog yesterday.  Go check them out… they’re much more elegantly versed, relevant and poignant than me.


6 responses to “Search Engine Silliness

  1. lol i really wonder what blog they ended up getting after finding your blog via those searches? so funny its been a great month of blogs. although i didn’t expect anything less from u.

  2. most of the people that find my blog do so by searching for “The Banana Show”

  3. Those were pretty funny; however, I will now have to admit unequivocally (sp?) that the human race is in big trouble.

    Only one more post to go! Way to go Chris!!

  4. Lol, how on earth do you find that info out as to what people use to come across your blog if they don’t find it through another blog or referred?

    • WordPress has a feature that tells you what people typed in search engines to find my blog. It’s pretty cool and hip!

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