An Exhaustive Look At 30 Posts In 30 Days

I’m a numbers guy.  So lets look at the numbers and statistics.

Of the 30 posts I posted in the month of June I typed 13,672 words.

I accumulated 244 comments.

I posted 161 different pictures.

I posted 5 videos.

I mentioned Kim Kardashian (only) 9 times… but didn’t get to meet her (dammit).

I linked to 33 different blogs or websites… the one that was clicked the most was for “The Real World: Venus Vs. Mars“.

The most viewed individual post during the month of June (meaning not just my home page) was “Confessions of Beer Snob

The least viewed individual post during the month was “A Place To Be Me

The posts that were most commented on were “Confessions of Beer Snob” (with 20) and “Point Me To The Closest Radioactive Insect” (with 19).

The least stimulating posts based on the amount of comments were (this particular) “Five Questions“, “How My Wife Can Get Me To Do Anything” and “I’m A Trend Setter” (all with 2).

The two blogs that directed their readers to me the most (by means of a link) were “The Real World: Venus Vs. Mars” and “Life With Tony“.

For the first time in my blogging career, I had two guest posts.  One at “The Real World: Venus Vs. Mars” titled “Depression – You Have To Work On Cutting It Free” and “Hot Dads” titled “What Annoys You In The Gym?“.

I received one angry tweet from someone claiming that I was a loser for despising “The Wiggles”.

The most commonly used phrase to find my blog during the month of June was “Awkward Family Photos”… I’m assuming for this post which wasn’t during my 30 day posting extraveganza.

Suffered from writers block 77 times.

Stayed up past 1AM trying to get a post done 11 times.

Was momentarily distracted by my wife walking by me with no pants on 16 times.

Commented on other blogs and marketed myself through Twitter, Facebook and (the abandoned) MySpace 1,904,205,450,888,432,122 times.

Felt successful in my race to aquire more readership a couple times.

Felt unsuccessful more often.

Didn’t get offered a massive monetary contract to write about whatever I want, whenever I want so I can buy this:

One day perhaps… one day……………………..


5 responses to “An Exhaustive Look At 30 Posts In 30 Days

  1. Keep the faith, Chris. It’ll happen, I’m sure of it.

  2. You weren’t kidding when you said you were a numbers guy. 😉

  3. I like the hat…it’s…words fail me here, which, as you know, is well-nigh impossible.

    I shoulda known something was up when you were reeling off all those baseball statistics to us years ago. It was a portent, a prognostication, a SIGN! I’m not positve of what, but this post sure the heck has ALOT of numbers.

  4. Perhaps we can enter into a timesharing arrangement for the hotdog head.

    I will go first, of course.

  5. I’m not going to lie… I’m sorta proud of you! And YAY for numbers and REAL WORLD! Can I get a fist pound?

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