Home Is Where Your Story Begins

A frequent reader of mine suggested some time back that I get Bunny to write her birth story.  So, on our trip back from Boca Raton, Bunny finally humored me and banged out what you’re about to read.  Turns out the timing turned out to be rather impecable: DLG was born two years ago TODAY!  For those of you that are slow… that would make today her second birthday!!  Today mommy and daddy are very excited to take her to our (can two years in a row be traditional?) traditional trip to Toys R Us (because daddy has almost as much fun there are she does).

So sit back, relax, reminise and enjoy my beautiful wife’s first submission to this little crappy blog.


It was the eve of Tuesday, July 15, 2008. We had our house sitter all lined out and she arrived at 6 PM so we could go over all the duties of watching the dogs and cat while we were at the hospital. We decided I should commemorate the final night pre-baby with a dinner out at Earls BBQ.  It’s so stereotypical of an Oklahoman to want to eat BBQ… but I must preface by saying I NEVER liked BBQ for 26 years until I got pregnant. I CRAVED their curly fries and fried okra..it made me and baby-to-be very happy.  So we dined at Earls with our beloved friend, Meggie, and talked about the days the come.  Little caveat…we had no friggin’ clue what was to come…just sugarplums dancing in my head…pure bliss dreaming of my baby I had baked inside me for 9 months.

After we got home from Earls, I went over my list of “things to pack for the hospital” and confirmed that each item was neatly placed in the suitcase. I decided to take one last picture with my neighbor who at the time was 6 weeks away from delivering her baby. We were pregnant together…and truly have done everything together since. 

Haley….our lives are forever changed because we moved to 9th street across from you.

Chris… I mean “Papa K”… and I decided to go to bed at a reasonable hour granted that we were to arrive at the hospital at 6 AM for an induction!!  Can you believe that!!  My last night to get any sort of sleep for the rest of my life and I had to arrive at 6 AM!!

A little after 2 AM on Wednesday, July 16, 2008 I got up to use the bathroom and after finishing the chore… something else kept coming.  I sat there relaxed and thought, “Okay… is this what I think it is?”  I always heard the horror stories of it happening in bed and the sheets are soaked, so how convenient it happened while I was on the toilet!  So I sit there thinking, “Okay God… it’s GO TIME!”

We had the bags all packed so we left a little earlier than expected. We got on the turnpike and headed to Lakeside Hospital in OKC which is about a 20 minute drive. We arrived and it was a bit surreal.  The nurses had no sense of urgenct and were very casual about all of it.  They immediately admitted us to this VERY NICE LDRP (for those of you that aren’t clinical: Labor Delivery Recovery and Postpartum) room.  It was grand in size and looked very cozy. The nurse assigned to us was FANTASTIC, sweet as sweet can be, very gentle and kind.  I immediately felt at ease.  She checked “south of the border” and said I was dilated to a two and she wasn’t 100% sure that my water had even broken.  We later found out that I must have had a small tear that caused the “gush” I had while sitting on the toilet.  

Daddy looks blissfully unaware…

The pitocin started around 5 AM and things progressed quickly.  I wanted my family arrive after 9 AM because the nurses assured us it would be at least after 10 AM until the baby would arrive.  So, Papa K and I tried to sleep a bit since it was 5 AM!  They asked me around 6 AM if I was ready for my epidural…I said with confidence that was not necessary.  I wanted to wait for my OB to arrive.

No more than 30 minutes later the contractions began and I was “beggin” for the epidural.

The anesthesiologist arrived VERY quickly. He was a tall man, had to be late 40’s.  He apparently was woken from sleep and hadn’t even showered to come to my rescue.  How nice of him, eh?  Guess since he is paid HUGE amounts of money then it’s worth it for him to get out of bed.  He was fairly gentle although I did twitch a bit when the needle entered my spine.  The pain subsided and I was hooked up to a catheter.  The progression happened fairly quickly. 

My grandmother, aunt and mom arrived after 9 AM and they were all civil.  It was made VERY clear the only person in my room would be my husband, this was our moment together and we wanted to keep it very personal.

So the nurse came in to check me at NOON and said nothing but everyone starting bustling in to arrange the room for delivery. It was evident that it really was go time. My family was asked to leave and I was asked to begin pushing.  I must share that I worked out SO VIGOROUSLY throughout my entire pregnancy in preparation for this moment.  I would get on the elliptical at the gym for 45+ minutes. We had a walking contest at my work and I walked 18,000 steps in ONE DAY.  Do the math people… that’s a lot miles.  I beat most of the other team members each day because I worked out religiously. I was so dedicated to my work out because everyone said “it will be so helpful in labor and your weight will melt off”.  So I pushed and pushed and pushed and pushed and pushed and pushed.  I pushed for over 2 hours..I kept saying, “Okay, you worked out all this time… you can do it!”  But NO ONE ever warned me it would be back-to-back pushing with literally NO BREAK!  

Finally after the 2+ hours of pushing the nurse said we are not experiencing progress, the baby was lodged in the birth canal.  She asked if I wanted to continue to push or go to c-section.  I was so exhausted all I could do was cry.  I bawled with my husband at my side holding my hand and head and crying with me.  He knew it was not what I wanted.  We made a decision based on my exhaustion that I would go for c-section (a decision I have regretted for the last 2 years). 

We waited around 40 minutes for my OB to arrive at the OR (Operating Room) and they wheeled me down.  I passed my family in the hallway who gave me looks of encouragement (they knew it wasn’t part of my plan).  I was in tears and devastated. I arrive in the OR and they separate my husband from me to get him in the “gear” that is required.  He finally arrives in the OR after 20 minutes..the loneliest 20 minutes I ever experienced. You see I have unique circumstance, I have NEVER relied on my Mom for emotional support and my husband is my rock.  Props to Papa K for always being my lifeline!  

Tender moment together…

The operation began and before long we were looking over the curtain at our baby.  Story was born at 3:32 PM on Wednesday, July 16, 2008. 

Seconds old…

Papa K’s first diaper change… he was clueless!!

So tiny.  So beautidul.

That night after delivering our precious one was memorable.  No one had warned me the c-section would put me in such pain or I would have to endure my cervix contracting when nursing.  I thought I was dying. Papa K thought they had left some surgical tool inside me and was convinced he was going to be a “single dad” for the rest of his life.  The nurse kept coming in and giving me more morphine… LOTS OF IT.  Finally it was decided to quit giving it to me intravenously and was given a pill that did the trick.  But the pain of my cervix contracting was way worse than any contraction I had during labor. It was AWFUL!!! 

The following two days in the hospital were actually pretty comfortable although Papa K didn’t enjoy sleeping on the fold out bed and had a constant headache which the nurses had to sneak Tylenol to him.

This is my birth story of STORY our precious first-born who was spunky from the minute she arrived.

Thank you God for this most amazing gift.  You are indeed everything we’d ever dreamed of. 

Happy birthday beautiful baby girl… the time has gone by so fast…

Happy birthday our beautiful baby girl… from your Mommy and Daddy.  We love you so much.


Want to wish DLG a Happy Birthday and/or contratulate Bunny on her first guest post and/or join the Papa K fan club and/or buy our house?  Leave a comment buster.


12 responses to “Home Is Where Your Story Begins

  1. Happy Birthday, sweet Story! And well-said, Mindy!

  2. Happy, happy birthday, Story!! Loved the birth story, Mindy – well done!

  3. Happy Birthday Little one!!!

    And WOW. What a Birth story. Pushing IS totally exhausting and even though someone told me it’s like running a marathon (not that I even know what that’s like) I felt like I was really prepared also.

    GAH.. it’s hurts. Bad.

    You did awesome and the most important thing is you had your little girl and made the best decision you could possibly make at such an incredibly exhausting time.

    Great post!

    You guys have such a beautiful family.

  4. Wow. I knew Bunny was intelligent, but I had no idea she too had such a way with words! I feel blessed to have shared this journey with her, through her pregnancy and the joys and challenges of motherhood!

    You two are such incredible people and parents…you are all so lucky to have each other!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY to beautiful Story!

  5. Sherr Martinez

    Wow! Happy birthday Story!

  6. Happy Birthday to Story!! An incredible story, Mindy. (No pun intended). I know that sometimes the birthing isn’t always what we hope or plan it will be, but we can take joy in the fact that Story came out fine, and is now celebrating 2 years on Earth! We take joy in our little ones every day (even when they’re driving us mad), and I always think of that first birth as a learning experience for next time… 😉
    Much love to all of you.

  7. congratulations Story on being 2!! and wow Mindy amazing writing, well done. dont’ regret ur decision, it was what may have been the best one at the time. u did a great job! i work in the NICU , so i see some bad things, so u both made a decision that was best at the time, u got a health beautiful baby girl form it. cheers to both all of u.

  8. this is incredible – it’s crazy how fast the kids grow up. Thanks for sharing this part of your life with us.

    Happy Birthday!!!

  9. Happy 2nd Birthday to Story!
    Great writing Mindy–we also welcomed our son into the world at Lakeside. Cannot say enough good things about them! Although my husband can relate to the part about getting a headache from the couch! Have fun celebrating your daughter’s birthday.

  10. Really a great post, Mindy! so glad you finally “did the deed”. Our “baby” actually still looks like her very earliest photo. I love the one of you and her on the floating mats; had never seen that one! I know she had a great birthday party – she was really into it this year. We love you all!!

    • Hmmm… I don’t know if this is a real person… but I’ll bite. Yes… it’s PapaKH2W. I have a link to it on my sidebar…

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