A Random Compilation Of Photos I Love… And One Of My Melting Neck

My creative juices are lacking any sort of flow right now… so this is all you get…

View All Photos | DORKS OF THE WORLD UNITE!!!  And drink tea. | Papa Koenig

If you’ve been reading my blog for any length of time then you’ve more than likely seen this picture.  Yes.  I was an INCREDIBLE dork!

View All Photos | Me.  My beer. My recliner. My dog.  My TV.  Life is good. | Papa Koenig

Santa needs a beer…

View All Photos | My friend: Captain America.  He'll kick your ass.  Don't piss him off. | Papa Koenig

Although Captain America isn’t my favorite superhero he looks fabulous in tight spandex

View All Photos | That's broccoli in your eye | Papa Koenig

Back when I had a horrible eye fungus…

View All Photos | The lesser known sport of

The lesser known sport of “Cat Rodeo”

View All Photos | Playing with my daughter... | Papa Koenig

Back before we had a kid… we had a dog.  Wait… we still have a dog!  Where is that damn dog?

View All Photos | A very rare, heart shaped chicken strip... it's available on Ebay | Papa Koenig

A heart-shaped chicken strip… and me with a goatee.  This concludes the only time you’ll ever see both of these things in the same picture again.

View All Photos | Enjoying each other at our favorite restaurant: The Melting Pot. | Papa Koenig

Our first night out after we found out we were pregnant.  And a really awesome photo of my chipstrap goatee.

View All Photos | John Lovitz in the flesh (that's the same shirt he wore in Rat Race) | Papa Koenig

Jon Lovitz is the most famous person I’ve ever met… give me a break…

View All Photos | A very oiled, swollen Carrot Top and my wife at the Gap | Papa Koenig

… But he’s not the most famous person Bunny has ever met…

View All Photos | I coulda been in the majors... oh well... | Papa Koenig

My hot wife and I in the Texas Ranger’s dugout… time to make a baby

View All Photos | I don't like Jon Lester... just because he pitches for the Red Sox | Papa Koenig

Aaaaaaaaand I hate the Red Sox…

View All Photos | Mmmm... Yorkie heads are very high in protein.. | Papa Koenig

Carve me up one of them Yorkie burgers… they’re better than the raw deal

View All Photos | There's a skid mark in my pants... great moment I will never forget though | Papa Koenig

Again, if you’ve been reading my stuff for any length of time… you’ve probably seen this picture.  It’s one of my favorites for sure.  It brings all the memories rushing back.

View All Photos | Absolutly beautiful smile... | Papa Koenig

She was just learning to smile…

Feelin’ the love with my much older brothers…

Perhaps the most stupendous picture ever taken of DLG and I

Life doesn’t get much better…

Just a great family photo: DLG doesn’t get much cuter, Bunny doesn’t get much hotter and I don’t get much more pale

Okay… so this pair of eyes aren’t one of my favorite pictures… rather the whole picture is my FAVORITE picture of Bunny.  For my 30th birthday she had some boudoir photographs done.  Yeah… they were awesome but all I’m allowed to show you are her eyes… and that’s probably too much because your brain has probably already exploded.  Mine has just cropping the picture.

Honestly… they don’t make ’em much cuter…

I could go on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on with pictures… but I’ll spare you the torture and just show you one last one:

I know what you’re saying, “What’s so interesting about this picture?”  Well… allow me to zoom in on something for you:

Tell me something… WHAT THE EFF IS GOING ON WITH MY NECK!!  It’s like… melting!!  How did I do that!!  I’ve tried to recreate this “melting neck” picture several times and I CAN’T!!  It’s very upsetting to me.  In fact… I really don’t know why I’m showing it to you and all cyberspace… oh yeah… because I don’t care.  That’s right.

Have a good neck-melting weekend my friends.


9 responses to “A Random Compilation Of Photos I Love… And One Of My Melting Neck

  1. ok first i was lookin at the pic’s and like nice, cute family, very nice.. then i get to the last pic and b4 i scroll dwn to see what u zoomed in on i look to see if i can see whats wrong. i look at everything (kinda knowing ur humor)wondering what there is to make fun of. then i scroll down and i literally almost pee’d that was the funniest thing ever! omg im still laughing and the fact that u don’t know how u did it and can’t do it again. hilarious. second u said u didn’t have much this time for a blog, u were wrong that was perfect, got a huge laugh out of it. thanks chris

  2. Hi Chris,

    Thanks for the new blog invite. I enjoy your writing style.

    Respectfully yours,

    Roger J. Hourihan, ATA, ATP

  3. Sometimes I wonder if you are like 5 different people.

    Especially with some of those pictures.

    And guess what. I kinda like the Red Sox… don’t totally hate me now.

  4. Cat Rodeo! That’s awesome! Um, I don’t know about the melting neck thing. That’s sorta odd. Captain America is my second favorite super hero after Green lantern. Carrot Top needs to stay out of the sun. Oh, and you’ve got a beautiful family.

  5. You know why I like the photo of you with Captain America? Because I can’t see any tattoos
    that’s why!!!! (except for your foot).

    As to your neck melting, it’s a combination of things: the way you’re holding your head, the shadow cast by Bunny’s head, and…it’s prophetic, like, if you don’t stop eating all those ice cream sandwiches, you’re going to have a double chin.

    It was fun to see lots of those photos again.

  6. I laughed for like five minutes when I saw your “melting” neck! The first picture looks pretty normal.

  7. Where’s the photo of me punching you in the face? or the one with our Jelly Belly story? or the one with me in your kitchen when you were outside and probably don’t know about it because I was the only one in the picture?

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