There’s A Dog In My Cheeseballs

Cheese balls aren’t that good for you.  I think once they are eaten the wind up accumulating en mass in the bottom of your butt cheeks.  That doesn’t stop DLG from eating them though.  She likes to ingest them at a frightening rate.  For a child that has put on an average of 10 lbs for each year of her life (she’s two so that would be… uh… 20 lbs) I’m not going to stop her because frankly the fact that she’s eating anything is a positive thing.

We’ve been a member of SAMS club for a while.  I remember first getting the membership… I would go there during my lunch hour and strain to try to come up with something we really really needed so I could buy it in bulk. 

Little did we know that DLG’s love of cheese balls, our membership at SAMS and my ever-loving desire to buy things in bulk would result in this:

DO NOT ADJUST YOUR COMPUTER SCREEN!!  That is in fact a giant container of cheese balls gunning to make your ass appear as though it wants to explode out the back of your pants.

Each of these cheese balls measures a little less than one inch in a diameter.  It only takes one for DLG to have a mouthful of crunchity cheese.

The benefit of having such a large bucket of cheese balls is obvious: the more you have… the less often you’ll have to go to the store to get more cheese balls.

That is… until I discovered there was another non-human entity in our house that enjoyed the crunchity balls more than DLG:

In a boneheaded move… I left a lidless gallon of cheese balls on the kitchen counter for our curious yorkshire terrier to stumble upon, climb inside and consume the remaining cheesy goodness.  Only to his dismay, he was unable to escape.

He’s still in there.  I’m returning the cheese balls to SAMS.  They have a dog in them.


7 responses to “There’s A Dog In My Cheeseballs

  1. Be honest with yourself. That’s not a dog. It’s a cat.
    Hee hee.

  2. theres a mouse in ur jar, i think u need to call some body. kidding. did it actually climb in there or did u put it in there for dramatic effect mmhmmm.

  3. First of all, I’m pretty sure my shoes would be more nutritious than those cheese balls! And second of all, that’s a dog? ;P

  4. Wait… why is there cheese in your dog balls?

  5. just wondering – is your dog’s name Cheese-ball?

    We used to have a dog that the kids named “Cat”

  6. The dog doesn’t look that upset to be in there.

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