Interpretive Dance Friday!!! Episode 1

Before I get started on Interpretive Dance Friday I have to direct you to my brothers new blog: How To Create A Garden Of Inhuman Delights.  I owe my funny bone to my brother and many of the humoristic stylings (is that a word? No… probably not) are fashioned after his antics.  If you don’t click ONE THING on my blog EVER AGAIN… I beg you not to make that his blog.  You won’t be sorry you went there and you will UNDOUBTEDLY laugh your ass off.

My favorites: How To Get Rid Of A Tick and How To Watch Things Go From Bad To Worse.  Seriously… if you only click one link a year… make his the one.


Welcome to my latest installment: Interpretive Dance Friday.  Each and every Friday (maybe EVERY OTHER Friday… depending on how I feel) I will interpretivly dance to a song of my choosing.  Remember… I have had no technical or professional training.  I know that may seem completely illogical… considering how good I am.

So, for my first performance, I’m going to choose a song written and performed by one of the worlds greatest and magical wordsmiths.  His name is “B.o.B”… I like to just call him my bro: Bob.  This is an interpretive dance for my wife… I love you honey.

In case you were wondering… I was getting very tired by the end of the song.  And “no” I don’t want to punch my wife life I punched DLG’s floatie… my improvisational skills just aren’t what they used to be.

On another note… if you watch our littlest dog in the background… he looks quite confused at my antics.  It’s really quite funny.

Also… don’t forget to ask me questions!!!  BTW – did anyone else other than my mother notice that was my face in the “I Want You” poster?


12 responses to “Interpretive Dance Friday!!! Episode 1

  1. I spent that whole time trying to think of a suitably witty comment, but I’m just kind of speechless.


  2. One of the things I love most about you, Chris, is your complete willingness to make a fool out of yourself for the sake of a laugh. You know who else was like that? Chris Farley. Oh yes, you can be great (though not fat). I was actually laughing that the dog on the couch didn’t seem phased at all by your antics. Like he was used to it by now. Until you punched the floaty. Thanks for the laugh and head shake! And yes, I did notice that the face in the poster on your last blog was yours. That cracked up a great deal. 🙂

  3. wow, that was entertaining! however, daisy thinks you need to work on your cou-de-pied, your tendu quasie on corners 2 & 4, and your fouette turns are sloppy. just saying, bro.

  4. Oh, by the way, I LOVE your hair!!

  5. OKay… I have no idea how you got through all of that without cracking a smile. My favorite part was the stall with your butt to us and the interpretive slaps!

    HAHAHAHAHA… best video vlog ever!

    Nice to meet ya! 🙂

  6. OMG dude that was hilarious i was laughing my head off. thank you for that. one tip it looked like ur face was angry the whole time. totally 2 thumbs up soooo funny. ps. now that iv heard u speck it makes ur blog seem different to read. they have a new element to them. great job on another perfect blog!!

  7. I am trying to figure out what part of the Manic phase this would be? 😉

  8. Love that you love me this way
    Love that you bring comic relief EVERYDAY in our home
    Love that you are my life partner, with you life will NEVER get boring EVER

  9. Um, yeah, so…….like, well……maybe a little more training would be But I like your spirit and sould and well…..nice smile…..just a little more training.

    did I just sound like one of the judges on So You Think You Can Dance???

    • Hi Wendy… thanks for visiting.

      Personally… I think I’m awesome…. that’s what my mom tells me anyway. Now do I sound like one of the contestents?

      Watch for more “Interpretive Dance Fridays” in the future!

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