Five Questions

So I answered all of your questions… now it’s time for you to answer some of mine:

1.  What’s your favorite beer/alcoholic beverage?

Boulevard Wheat… my elixir of choice

2.  Can you come up with a caption for this picture?

3.  What’s your favorite physical attribute on the member of the opposite sex?

Love me a good set of Achilles tendons… oh, and boobs.

4.  What’s your religious orientation?  Are you Christian?  Agnostic?  Atheist?  Other?

5.  Do you know what “Delurker Day” is?  I’m a little late for it.  Apparently it was about seven months ago.  

Delurker Day is the one day in the year where readers are expected to comment, to “delurk” (the opposite of “lurk”, the term used to describe the act of reading without commenting) themselves.  Delurker Day is rad because it (hopefully) gives me a huge number of comments a better idea of just who is out there reading.  So if you’re reading and have never commented… today is your day.  You don’t have to say much.  Even if you just wanna say “Whut Up”… you can do it in a comment.  Hell… even if you’ve made a comment before… make one again to help me sleep better tonight.


19 responses to “Five Questions

  1. 1. I haven’t had an alcoholic beverage in like 5 years (pregnancy and/or nursing). But, I really like Grasshoppers and Margaritas (not at the same time). Can you say, “El Presidente?” (My fav marg with El Presidente Brandy in it, yum.)

    2. “These band-aids are friggin’ huge. WTF?!”

    3. I like me a nice looking set of forearms. I know, weird. Men should look like men, like they can and do work.

    4. I am Roman Catholic.

    5. Heard of it before. Somewhere.

    • You know whats funny. When DLG came out wearing those Maxi Pads she said, “I have on a GIGANTIC band-aid”. After crapping my pants from laughing so hard… I realized she wasn’t really that far off.

  2. 1. I’m not a big drinker but for some reason my friends tend to give me bottles of Patron Silver for birthday, christmas, etc – so, I’d have to say Patron Silver when it’s out of the freezer. Beer would have to be Miller Light (I’m from Texas)

    2. I’m not good at this sort of thing the first thing that comes to mind is: “Maxi pads, they give you wings.” I know that sucks but it’s as good as it gets at 2:30 am

    3. I like their eyes … do you really believe that?

    4. my grandfather was a Baptist Preacher, my mom’s family is either Catholic or Methodist and I lived next to a Mormon Temple so in my life I’ve tried most of them – right now I don’t really go to church, not even on Christmas or Easter.

    5. I do know what “Delurker Day” is – why do you think I’m posting a comment now.

  3. 1. Love Apple Martinis, the last time I drank (which was over a year ago) I tried a friend’s dirty martini and it wasn’t bad. May have to change that to my new drink.
    2. hahahaha! (I’m not creative enough for captions, but I love the pic!)
    3. I love broad chests–scrawny guys need not apply…
    4. Christian
    5. I just now learned what ‘Delurker Day’ is. Thanks!

  4. 1. Heineken

    2. Mommy, help me, daddy has been dancing again. 😉

    3. Nothing like a beautiful smile, well almost nothing. 🙂

    4. Agnostic

  5. 1. Irish car bomb 2. She’s got herself lined out 3. Boobs 4. No religion whatsoever 5. Wtf

  6. 1.Anything pink and girlie 2.I can think of nothing funny enough 🙂 3. Hands… 4. No specific religious affiliation 5. Have previously never heard of delurker day, but you can thank it for me finally coming out of the shadows and posting …

    • MOM OF 4!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! For coming out of the shadows and revealing yourself! Thanks for reading… it really means a lot to me!

  7. I’m really turned on by balls. The hairer and droopier the better.


  8. Oh, that’s cool! I’ve never had a public birthday wish like that (or had the gumption to give one). Well played. Oh, and I agree, physical attraction is always the first impression. Can’t get anywhere without that first. It’ll of course fall apart without real spiritual connection, but physical definitely comes first.

  9. But, since I’m here now, My favorite attribute on of the female form is the legs.

  10. trying to catch up on your posting sorry busy week. anything or patron. 2. maybe if mommy wore these here she wouldn’t always have a headach. 3.amazing eyes and a warm sweet smile 4.christian (JW) 5. had no idea what that was

  11. 1. I think it’s possible to have different favorites of different drinks. My fave beer is McMenamins’ Ruby. SO good. My fave wine is Conundrum (or Blue Moon Riesling). My fave drink in a bar is Malibu and pineapple juice. Unfortunately, I can no longer drink hardly anything because having River took away all my alcohol tolerance. 😦

    2. “Just a few more, and my new Super-Suit will be completed! I’ll be padded and protected! (Not to mention nicely absorbent)”

    3. Probably the thing that makes them the opposite sex. 😉 But aside from that, I’m a sucker for nice neck/shoulders/abs/back/arms/ass. And a killer smile.

    4. Can’t seem to kick my Satanic worshipping. It’s all those Virginal Sacrifices. So addicting.

    5. I’m just surprised YOU hadn’t heard of it before! I thought everyone knew about Delurker Day. I’ve been petitioning to make it a National holiday for years.

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