Twenty-Nine Years Of Being Hot… No Signs Of Slowing Down!

For those of you who don’t know… I met my wife in a smokey bar called “Henry Hudsons”.

Yes folks… love can be found in smokey bars…

(Wanna read the completely fictional account on how we met?  Click here.)

Before you start thinking we were a couple of bar-flys worried about nothing more than how we were going to make it to the next drink special… I will tell you we were far from it.

At the time… I was wallowing in a pool of my own self-pity.  I had just quit a fairly decent job I’d scored right out of college and was now working at a clothing store in the mall selling jeans and Doc Marten shoes.  My best friend/roommate had just moved out-of-state to start a teaching job thus leaving me to live with his girlfriend at the time (they’re married now) while she finished her last semester of school.  Once she graduated, she’d be moving on to live with my BFF out-of-state and I was going to be forced to find a place on my own.  So… not only did I quit a fairly decent job… I also was looking at the possibility of me having to live BY MYSELF… something I’d never done before and something I wasn’t going to be able to do selling jeans and Fossil watches.

I was stressed out of my mind.

Sydney (my best friends girlfriend) had a class with Bunny.  She knew the kind of girls I was attracted to and immediately knew I would be chomping at the bit to get an opportunity to even talk with a girl like Bunny.

“Oh Chris, there is this girl in my class who you would love to meet!” she said to me one early evening after her class.

Knowing that Sydney knew what I liked I countered her statement, “Really!?  What does she look like?”

“She’s hot.  She’s got HUGE boobs!”

Without an ounce of hesitation I said, “Sign me up Sydney.  Sign me up.  I’m serious.  What do I gotta do?” 

Nothing relieves stress better than the promise of an opportunity to look at what may just be the most fascinating objects God created in his first seven-day work week.

Sydney talked to Bunny about me.  Bunny was suspicious.  After some fast talking, Sydney worked out a plan: the next time she came to class she would bring a picture of me to show Bunny and if I wasn’t a complete dog-faced buffoon… she MIGHT meet me.  Bunny would return the favor by giving Sydney a picture of herself and if her boobs were up to my standards… I MIGHT meet her.

As it turned out, I never got to actually see what Bunny looked like before I met her because the evening Sydney showed Bunny my picture was an evening that members of her class decided to go to Henry Hudson’s for a few drinks after class. 

I walked into the bar completely on faith that Sydney knew what I was going for… and she hit it right on the head.

I’d never seen a woman more beautiful than Bunny.  What man wouldn’t want a girl like this?  Not only was she what I liked… she was what every straight man with a heartbeat liked!  Let me remind you that while physical attraction is not everything… I do believe it doesn’t hurt in your initial interaction if you’re trying to meet someone.  She had everything I wanted.  She was completely out of my league!!  I remember exactly what she was wearing.  I remember exactly what she said to me.  I remember everything about that night! 

Us at the most romantic place on Earth: Henry Hudson’s (man I look pasty)

We’ve been together ever since that night. We’ve had our rough times… but what couple who’s been together or married for any length of time hasn’t? 

Now, today is her 29th birthday.  I can tell you in complete and utter honesty… that Bunny is a million trillion times more beautiful today that the day that I met her.  This is because I know the soul underneath her flawless skin, pouty lips and well manicured nails.  She’s been by my side through all the times in my life where I didn’t know if I could make it.  Beneath her pretty exterior and alpha female persona… lays a heart of pure gold.

Sporting some fancy accessories: a backpack, a fo-hawk and an ultra hot wife

I know we were meant for each other… and there’s not a partner I would rather have by my side in the game of life other than her.

I love you honey… Happy 29th Birthday.

And Happy Fifth Wedding Anniversary too (in two days)!

“SCORE!!  I can’t believe she married ME!!” he thought.

Wanna see something cool! I tweeted Josh Lewin, the Texas Rangers play-by-play announcer and asked him if he could wish Bunny “Happy Birthday from Papa K” during the game… and he did! Watch it!


2 responses to “Twenty-Nine Years Of Being Hot… No Signs Of Slowing Down!

  1. Happy birthday and happy anniversary.

  2. Happy both!
    I met my wife in church. I came home from the Navy and asked my mom, “Who’s the blonde in the choir with the nice rack?” She set us UP. The rest is history. 33 years of it.


    ps. I have one shirt from The Buckle, $90 and I’ve worn it once!

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