Want A Couple Movies For Free?

I haven’t done many giveaways.  In fact… I haven’t done any!!  But I’d like to start because it makes me feel like I’m some big deal blog person or something… which, unfortunatly, I’m decidedly not.


Ever seen this movie:

Or this movie:

Well… whether you have or haven’t you now have the opportunity to obtain the DVD versions of them FOR MOTHER EFFING FREE folks!

“Papa K how can you possibly afford to give away DVDs of these movies?” You may ask, “DVD’s are like… the newest, most high tech, most incredible piece of new technology out on the market today!!  It must have cost you a fortune!”

Well… it wasn’t easy… but I’m going to make it happen because I care about you: the lifeblood of Hands To War.

“How is Papa K going to decide who to give these futuristic pieces of technology to?” You may be thinking.

There’s two ways:

1. If you have a Twitter page then “Retweet” my most recent tweet.  I can track my retweets and you’ll be automatically entered to win the DVD.

Not a friend of mine on Twitter?  You can become one by clicking here:

2.  If you have a Facebook page, then recommend my Hands To War page to your friends.  You can do this by clicking “suggest to friends” under the profile picture on my Hands To War page.  I can view mutual friends if one of your friends then “likes” my page and you’ll be automatically entered to win the DVD.

You don’t “like” my Hands To War Facebook page?  “Like” it by clicking this:

If you don’t use either one of these social networking options then you can leave me a comment begging me for a submission and I’ll enter you… if I feel like it.

A winner will be picked randomly a week from today: Tuesday 9/21.


10 responses to “Want A Couple Movies For Free?

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  2. The Vegas movie looks weird and I’ve never heard of “Daybreakers”. Is it any good? I looked it up online – seems interesting enough.

    Now I’d like to see it. So enter me in your giveaway. Ok? Thanks.

    I don’t tweet. And I try not to “like” anything on FB (b/c then people “find” you, it’s weird) so this is all I get – a comment.

    (But it’s one of the first, because I’m so loyal.) 😉

  3. good share.. keep on posting

  4. I can beg, but……………..
    Not sure for what. I couldnt see what movies you were talking about.
    I’m on fb, but hardly ever. I have a twitter acct, but same thing hardly there.

    I am afterall a soccermom, who runs all around town for my soccerboy.

    : )

  5. Does either of these movies feature naked peen? If they don’t, I’m not going to even bother. 😉

  6. I watched as they filmed a part of the Vegas movie, but at the time I didn’t know what they were filming other than it was an “Ashton Kutcher” movie.

    I saw Daybreakers and no matter what my friend tells you I did not fall asleep during the movie and I did not lean over on his shoulder while not falling asleep. His wife actually put two seats down and laid across them and fell asleep with her back to the screen. We’re both banned from going to the movies with my friend again – oh, it was a great movie 😀

  7. You know I’ll promote you shamelessly anyways. But I am not really interested any winning either of those movies. They both look pretty crap. Put some good movies up for grabs, and I’ll promote you so much there won’t be anyone on FB who hasn’t heard of you! :p

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