Papa K Giveaway Results!! And… ANOTHER GIVEAWAY!!

So I had the first, most amazing, most incredible, most unimaginable giveaway last week where I gave away not one but TWO movies!! Today… is the day… where I… announce… the mother-effing winner!!

I’ll give you a second to digest that.

Okay.  So, as to not play favorites, I plugged in all six-thousand contestants who participated into a website called and it spit out……………….

Are you ready?

It spit out…

Have you seen this?  It’s hilarious:

What?  Oh right.  It spat out…

Have you seen this close up picture I took of our cat?

He’s all like, “Hey… what the hell man!” 


Anyway… what was I talking about?  Oh yeah.

So I plugged in all the names and it came back with…

Roger Lastnameprotectedtoconcealidentity!!!

Congratulations Roger!! You won “What Happens In Vegas” and “Daywalkers”!!  Email me your mailing info to and I’ll get those right to you.  I’ll also include (free of charge) this autographed, collectible picture of me:

Feel free to hang it in your man cave, guest room or pantry.


Are you sad that you didn’t win the last Papa K giveaway?

Shut up Kanye….

Well… why don’t I do another one!!!

This time… all you have to do to get entered is LEAVE ME A COMMENT letting me know what you like about my blog and/or what I can improve on.

“What’s the prize?” You’re asking?  Well… it’s nothing enormously spectacular like TWO MOVIES… but I think it may pertain to a lot more of my readers with kids. 

Allow me to give a little back story.

When I was a kid living in Norway… I loved reading Mr. Men books.  They were these  little, square, paperback kid’s books about little men with names such as, “Mr. Bounce”, “Mr. Happy”, “Mr. Strong”, “Mr. Messy”, etc.  Each book told a story about each of these little men (all of them in a different, unique shape) as they lived lives eerily similar to their surname.  They were prevalent overseas back then but I’m not sure they’d made the trek across the Atlantic yet.  

Now it seems they have and they’re becoming fairly prevalent here in the States (or Oklahoma anyway). 

Perhaps they’ve always been around and I’ve just now started to notice them now that I have a two-year-old.

So, this time, I will send this Mr. Men book to the winner:


Remember, all you have to do is LEAVE ME A COMMENT letting me know what you like about my blog and/or what I can improve on.

Rock it out people… rock it out.


10 responses to “Papa K Giveaway Results!! And… ANOTHER GIVEAWAY!!

  1. I read you because I get the impression that you have good morals.
    and reading you makes me feel better.

  2. I have nothing better to do than to tune into Papa K musings while staying up all night nursing my newborn.

    I used to love those books too.

  3. I like your blog b/c you talk about your life, the funny parts, the serious parts and everything in between. And since DLG and my son are close in age, I can relate to a lot of your stories about her.

  4. We don’t have enough books. I want it.

  5. THIS is a giveaway contest I can sink my teeth into! Well, not really, as it would damage my computer screen. But I’m sure River would love to have those books! So, this is my comment about why I love your blog:
    It gives me a chance to really get to know and appreciate you and your family. And by ‘your’, I mean, you, Bunny and DLG. (See? I even keep your names secret for you). Since we don’t live in New York with you (keep em guessin, right?), and I don’t get much of a chance to get to know you guys in person, I feel this is a great way of learning about my ‘new’ family.
    AND, you make me laugh.
    Seriously, I have tons of cousins who write blogs that I ignore. Yours is pretty much the only one I read religiously. Just love your sense of humor. 😀

    Love you guys!

    Now, send me the books, because I’m one of the few people who actually know where you live and can stalk you.

    😀 Erin

  6. I like your blog the way it is – I really can’t see anything you can do to make it better.

  7. I literally just found you on Twitter in the last hour or two. You already seem HILARIOUS & thus worthy of following/reading. I am also a father so we have something in common. My daughters would love this book!

  8. I love the MR. Men series! What’s really amazing is that each one sells for the price of a normal kids book and they’re like 50 words long! The dude who thought of that was a freaking genius.

  9. your blog always keeps me laughing!

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