Sister Wives: A Portrait Of How Effed Up Our World Is

TLC recently debuted a new TV last week called “Sister Wives”.  It’s the real life version of the HBO miniseries “Big Love”: a show about how a man copes in a polygamous relationship with his three wives.

Polygamous douchebag Kody Brown and his three current brainwashed “wives”

My wife became somewhat entranced with it.  Unfortunately, as it is with most shows my wife starts watching, I’ve become somewhat disgustingly entranced as well.

The show follows the polygamous Kody Brown as he maintains relationships with three wives (who dub one another “sister wives”)and 16 children.  After watching the show for the first 15 minutes of the season debut they throw in the hook: Kody has a girlfriend… and he’s going to marry her too.

That would bring his stunning total to FOUR wives.

I think the initial thought for the most animalistic, white-trashy side of men is something like this:


“Hello?  What?  Well heeeell yeah… I’d love to have me four wives!  I’d get a different one e’ry night!  Who is this again?  Where am I?”

Then you come rocketing back to Earth: “Wait… why the EFF would I want to have FOUR WIVES!!! I can barely handle ONE!!!” 

Do you know what amazes me?  Do you know what is incredibly oblivious for him and each of his wives?  He’s short-changing each wife of the love he’s capable of giving!  This dude is on a rotation. He has an actual schedule of what nights he’s spending with each wife!

“Love should be multiplied… not divided!” He says.

I call “bullshit”.

While Kody paints a picture of how busy he is keeping up with four wives… he’s actually failing to ultimately commit to JUST ONE!  How un-comendable is that?  Isn’t love and marriage about commitment?

What he’s done here is successfully brainwash these “Sister Wives” and wrap it up in a pretty little package!  While the cameras roll on each of these wives as they sit with each other confessing their deepest thoughts and feelings about how they feel about their polygamous, alpha-male husband spending the night with his other wives… I’m amazed at how negatively submissive they are!  They WANT him all to themselves but they want to make him happy so they accept the fact he can’t love just one women to the point of allowing him to pursue other women when he becomes bored with the THREE that he already has!!

While TLC paints Mr. Kody Brown as a man who is deeply in love with each of his wives I, in fact, think he’s extremely lazy.  He’s unable to fully commit to one women and instead decides to only give a little bit of himself to each one thus making it impossible to give himself wholeheartedly, truly, madly, deeply… to ONE woman.  He’s eliminating himself from the emotional relationship a husband and wife share and thus eliminating what is a TRUE relationship.

Man this world is so effed.

What do you think?


32 responses to “Sister Wives: A Portrait Of How Effed Up Our World Is

  1. I think you’re absolutely right on. I haven’t watched the show. I saw the previews and I just don’t think I can commit an hour of my life to this creature unless he douches it way down. Which I doubt is possible.

  2. I agree with you.

    And where the heck did you find that red-neck, white-trash man picture?! That is hil-freakin’-larious!! Reminds me of the youtube video of the guy ridin’ a lawnmower and then gettin tased by a cop. Look it up – it’s worth the laugh.

  3. Has anyone found a free website to sign up for dating for girls with STDs? I have herpes outbreaks and need someone who understands…. Parks G

  4. Aside from the whole commitment, sharing, splitting, wtf!!! How does he AFFORD 3 wives and 16 children? By the looks of it I’m guessing that he isn’t a brain surgeon or patent attorney.

    What may be even more f’d up is that if the show takes off, they’ll rake in millions, then be able to afford 3 or 4 more. He’ll have his own little harem.

    From the picture of his wives, it might be called “Big Love” for other reasons….jus sayin’…

  5. That’s awful deep and meaningful dude! I totally agree with you though. I was never one of those guys that when I was single I went out trying to “nail” as many woman as possible. I had my share of short term relationships, but it was all really in an attempt to find “the one.” I was lucky enough to find her eventually and I feel sorry for those out there who hide from it. Being able to be with one woman and share a family with her is one of the best things a man can ever have. Mr. Brown is a dipshit. I’ve never seen the show, but after reading your post, I know I don’t ever want to. Great post man.

  6. I got sucked into the Big Love show. But I dont agree with it in real life. It is just wrong.

  7. I have not seen it, but judging from the looks of it, the whole idea is just back assward. Isn’t polygamy illegal? How does he not get arrested? Furthermore, and I know we’re not supposed to judge a person by their looks, it looks like he divided the love AND the looks between all 4 of them! Oh, I know that was terrible – I’m sorry, but that’s just what came to mind. Sadly this country loves to watch a train wreck. I’m no exception. If I knew this show existed I’d have been glued to it also.

  8. Heh, that’s just like the husband saying “we need a second woman” as if his wife isn’t enough for him…

  9. I can’t even tolerate one person long enough to make a husband, much less have MULTIPLE ones?!?!?!

    On another note though, seriously, investigate and prosecute child molesters, murderers, and people selling drugs to our children on the streets. Leave the polygamists alone, they aren’t hurting anyone but themselves…

  10. I watched this show after reading your post. It was B O R I N G. I hated everything about it. If I hear the word “court” in any form (i.e. courting, courted, etc.) one more time tonight I might go crazy.

  11. Good point, that dude is 100% grade a douche. It was like a train wreck, I watched it for about 20 min until the commercial freed me from it’s grasp. Ugh.

    Good luck with Texas, beat the crap out of the Rays and Yankees pls!!! (Red Sox fan here)

  12. He looks like Scooby Doo. Seriously, he is going to become a rich poly bastard with this show and then what? Uggggg!

  13. How unfortunate that this ridiculous excuse for a masculine person abuses the word “court” to the point where reasonably thinking people would begin to loathe its mere mention, i.e. your previous poster, Shelley.

    I absolutely encourage my daughters to be courted by a young man–when they have reached the age which their Daddy and I have set as the limit (16). And yes, they will be chaperoned. Courting, when done properly, is a wonderful way for a young couple to come to know one another’s hearts, that they might discern whether or not *this* is the person God has set aside for them for marriage.

    Person. One. One man, one woman. Marriage.

    What these fools have entangled themselves in might be “polyamorous” (which to me sounds like a type of cheap plastic), but is most certainly is not marriage.

    Papa K, you are SO ON THE MONEY with this post. Only a coward would sell himself as the male slut this guy truly is, hopping from one bedroom to the next, spreading his seed like a confused college kid looking to sew some wild oats.

    Sadly, it appears those “oats” have begun to mature, and apparently see their life as normal……….

  14. It is strange enough to watch the fictionalized version in Big Love. This is even worse, because it’s real.

    Screwed up is right

  15. All I can say is, thank God I don’t have cable. Then all I have to put up with is “Are you stupider than a 5th grader” and “dancing with the Situation.”

  16. i feel so bad for the children could u imagine? i thaught coming from a divorced family was hard

  17. I just recently watched the show’s entire first season back to back online.. It was like a train wreck.. Horrible but for some reason I couldn’t look away. In each episode I would alternate between who was stupider, Kody or his “wives”. What really surprises me is how much America is embracing them. They’re encouraging bringing people back into the dark ages where women were repressed and treated like property. How is this lifestyle fair to any of these women? How are these women this stupid an brainwashed to choose this? And how much longer before they make a reality TV show where a man regularly beats his wife for things like burning his dinner, and America attempts to make us swallow it in the name of tolerance?

  18. For those of you who say it is immorally wrong, so is abortion and 5 million other thigs in this world. As they have even mentioned in the show, all the wives are free to leave whenever they want, but they choose not to. There is no one on this earth who can judge the Browns for their lifestyle. Obviously Kody is taking care of his family, they all have a roof over their heads and food in their stomachs. For some of you to get so worked up over this is absolutely ridiculous. Go stick your noses elsewhere. The children are happy, if you cared to watch any of the episodes you can tell that, and sure you may say they are faking it, but who can fake happy when their lives are being recorded 24/7. You all should be ashamed of yourselves for your comments.

  19. The big question for me is…the children…in particular the girls…Do the “Moms” and the idiot Father make the girls aware that they have a choice in life…Do they tell them that they have self worth and deserve to be loved by one man faithfully…that they do not have to choose a path of self worthlessness like their “Moms” did…

  20. ew.mega douche

  21. Flash forward nov2011….. I have watched all the Sister Wives shows with an open mind. but now that I have seen them, I agree with you sir. The husband is a douchebag half arsed fool.
    The women seem brainwashed, jealous, hurt, struggling all the while to accept and goodness knows why. Antidepressants for wife number three, overeting and weight gain for the entire family, sheesh when are they going to be taught something about nutrition????? And 17 kids are you kidding me????? That said, i am all for accepting differences but i do not believe these women are truly happy. Neither are the kids. Kody is looking rather sheepish lately….ok then theres the latest news of surrogating….i think that is sweet actually, and that is the part i do find really endearing to wife four even tho i resent her for coming along….as if…thanks for listening

    Help i cant erase this stuff down here!!!!
    The women, while i have grown to like thw all except well,

  22. I fully agree with you. I’m not sure whether to blame religion or if this whole polygamy thing just uses religion as an excuse, either way these woman are nothing but doormats. Also, Kody comes off as a huge creep/doofus to me, and they should really consider renaming the show ’Sister Whales’. These women clearly have no backbones.

  23. I noticed that they called the show sisterwives to have at the start the sympathy of the public, sympathy for those women. It s a way to get the public to watch this. I say that because I don t know why people would watch this, a pure brainwash show on t.v. To get the americans to accept the polygamy. In arabic culture, it s there for thousands of years and it is legal. In america it is not, so it brings you to think that when a man is alone againts the world, he is all alone to agree that polygamy is right, and the whole society disagree about it in america, he has to have a strong head to manipulates those women that gonna function against themselfs. In a society where women are free, w.t.f.? Heavily brainwash, I think with a strong personalilty like that man, I call that a insensitive psychopath to want such a life for those women in a free country. Psychopath don t all kill nessecery people, they control, brainwash, destroy others identity to feel superior, to feel worthy, but they just always fell empty with a massive low self esteem. So I don t know what that show is there on t.v.

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