Who’s Your Free Space? Tell Me And You Could Win!

Preface:  Everyone plays this game.  Whether you’d actually go through with it or not if by some miracle if it ACTUALLY happened… well… I guess that depends on the kind of person you are.  If I actually got the opportunity to cash in on my free space I wouldn’t ACTUALLY do it!  The short-term “rewards” of such a tryst would only drive a stake through the heart of the person I’ve committed to being with for the rest of my life.  The future prospect of building a foundation of life and love with the most beautiful woman I’ve ever known far outweigh a miniscule opportunity I’d have to cross out the name I have on my list.

So now that I’ve cleared the air of that… let’s play.


I have someone on my list.

My wife has TWO people on her list.

“What list?” You ask.

Well… the people on our lists are celebrities who if by some freak, one-in-a-trillion chance we got to “spend some adult time with”… our prospective spouses COULD NOT get angry with us! 

In theory of course. 

Reality… is a completely different ballgame.

If I came home after cashing in on my “free space”, Bunny would undoubtedly tear my head clean off my neck and then skewer it on the lighting rod on top of our house.

I like keeping my head attached to my neck so I’m not going to be doing anything to jeopardize that thank you very much.

But, for fun, we tell each other which celebrities are on each others “lists”.

Bunny likes Ryan Reynolds.  I would not mind getting complete reconstructive surgery to look exactly like him myself.

Seriously though… there are no pictures on the internet with his shirt on…

Bunny is a little greedy though, as she has TWO dudes on her list (to my paltry ONE).  The other is Paul Walker.

While there are also many pictures of Paul Walker sans shirt when you Google his name there are also plenty of less gay looking pictures like this one.  Paul lacks the ridiculous abs that Ryan possesses which makes me think I would have an easier time punching a hole straight through his face if my wife did use him as a free space.

If you’ve been reading me for any length of time I think you know who mine would be:

Yes.  While Kim Kardashian is just famous for being famous… I think she’s an absolute smoke show and that’s why she’s the only name that graces my “list”.

Now it’s your turn.

Who’s on your list?

I’ll even turn this into a giveaway as I have in the past.  Everyone that comments will automatically be entered to win these:

In case you’re wondering, it’s $100 worth of magnets.  The top one says, “In the country Chuck Norris comes from, snapping your neck is a friendly greeting” and the bottom one says, “Drink Up Bitches”.

I  know… they’re hilarious.

For those of you complaining that this is a crappy prize… don’t forget I also include this autographed picture of myself:

Since the magnets don’t quite make it to my $150 minumum for giveaways… I’ll throw something else in by next week when I announce the winner.  I’m not quite sure what it’ll be yet though… something awesome probably…

 A winner will be drawn at random a week from today from all those who comment!!


20 responses to “Who’s Your Free Space? Tell Me And You Could Win!

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  2. I like your entry 🙂 Kim is probably dumb as a rock, but that’s not why she’s on your list eh?

    #1 on my list is Denise Milani, yeah, look her up and you’ll see.

    Nice series for TX so far, thought you’d be done, but you’re eating Tampa for breakfast!

  3. So my wife HATES Kim Kardashian because I think she’s really hot, but she REALLY hates Lucy Pinder. She’s British, and is about the best thing they’ve done in like ever. Check her out online, you won’t be disappointed. I called my fantasy football team last year the DD’s and had her as my team mascot! Didn’t win anything but I got to look at a pic of Lucy every time I logged on to my team.

    • You know what’s funny Dennis… I called my fantasy baseball team “The Double D All-Stars”! That’s funny. Were boob brothers you and I.

  4. You know, I was never the girl that really developed ‘Hollywood crushes’, I never had the hot celeb posters on my wall or wrote fan letters. I didn’t get all ‘hot and bothered’ over anyone…that is until Ben Affleck walked into my life. I honestly don’t even remember when or where I first saw him but my love for him has never changed to this day. We’re talking over 10 years of my undying love for him. So if I met Ben Affleck today, I couldn’t so confidently say that I would remember that I was married or had a child or that he was married and had children…but that’s probably because I wouldn’t remember my name either.

    Interestingly enough, I heard a few weeks ago that Ben & family were spotted in the northeastern part of our state at the end of summer. Don’t think for a minute that if I would have known about this information while they were in the same exact state as me that I wouldn’t have left work, driven up there and searched every square inch until I found him….

  5. Where there have been many Hollywood hotties that have made my ‘Top 5’, number one is and always has been Johnny Depp. That man just seems to get hotter with age. Paul doesn’t really have anyone he lusts over in Hollywood, but I gave him a freebie for Scarlet Johannson. That woman is hot.

  6. It’s not the prizes that keep me coming back!

    And I knew Ms. Kardashian was YOUR “free space” seductress…see, I do pay attention.

    After this week, I needed the laugh, and frankly I hope I win, there’s at least a 1/4 inch on my fridge not covered!!
    (how I put this on the wrong post TWICE is way beyond me…!)

    • Wow dude. Just so you know… just because you wrote a post three times doesn’t mean your entered to win the magnets THREE times. Just sayin’…

  7. You’ve asked this before, I think?

    Luke Perry has been at the top for me since I was like 10 yrs old. I still think he’s hot. And at least now I’m an adult too so it wouldn’t be weird.

    And – as weird as this is, b/c I’m pretty sure the dude’s younger than me and I know you think he’s a friggin’ weirdo – I also like “The Twilight Freak” (as you call him). I don’t know why but he runs a close second in my book.

    • Have I asked it before? I know I’ve mentioned plenty of times before that KK was the apple of my eye… but not that she was the lone member of “my list”.

      “Twilight Freak”!? Man… you had me at Luke Perry…

  8. my first choice would of course be Michelle Rodriquez and my second choice would be Scarlett Johansson. You know Scarlett Johansson is married to Ryan Renyolds, so if something were to ever happen to you (God forbid – have to say that) your wife and I could double date – she’ll take Ryan and I’ll take Scarlett.

  9. Do you really have a lightning rod on your house? That’s very – hmmm- Koenig of you.

  10. We’ve never made a list, but sounds like a pretty good idea. 🙂 Hmmm, who would I pick? It’d have to be Jamie Eason.

  11. I wasn’t going to post one, but I really got to thinking and mine would have to be, hands down, JAKE GYENHALL (hope I spelled that right, but I doubt it). Really not much into to paying attention to how he spells his name. To many things to distract that.

    • Oh, and since bunny gets two I think I’ll have to also pick two. Eric the viking vampire from True Blood. Not sure who would be number one though??

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