Princess Newman Needs Your Help!!

I was busy doing my part-time, work-from-home thing while my little one was taking a nap the other day when a new email flashed on my screen: “Help Me”, it said in the subject line.
I’m never one to not help someone in need so I dutifully opened the email.  What registered across my retinas shocked me:
Dear Respected,
My name is Miss Princess Newman, a 19 years old girl, My mother died with her baby during delivery and my father Hon. Mr Felix Newman later died last year as he was poisoned by his family brother. My late father was a wealthy Gold and Diamond miner and on several government appointments, on that the $7.7 million USD was legitimately earned and deposited with an international bank here, concerning the deposited $7.7 million USD, I am contacting to help for its investment in your country and I have the inheritance Will as the Rightful owner and every other deposit proves and papers.

I got your contacts and your profile during my desperate search for a foreign partner, I contacted you to seek for your partnership to assist me to move this money to your country for investments.

My questions are; (1) what will be your percentage for your noble assistance?? (2) Can you be of help to invest the money into Real Estate or Hotel management as soon as you received the funds? (3) Can it be possible for me to further studies in your country ? Note that this is 100% legitimate and will forward every details and related deposit documents as soon as you write me.Please get back to me with this
Best regards,

Miss Princess Newman

How did this princess get my email but more importantly… WHAT A TRAGEDY!  This 19-year-old girl had her mother die during childbirth and her father was murdered by his brother!!  She’s just looking for a way out of the country.  Poor girl.  I feel so sorry for her!

I’m waiting on an email back from Princess Newman.  I’m only going to charge her 10% for my noble assistance.  I mean… any more than that would just be criminal considering everything she’s been through and it’s not every day I get to help royalty. 




9 responses to “Princess Newman Needs Your Help!!

  1. Wha….you mean I am not getting the money? NO WAY! Seriously though, I agree.

  2. Did she attach a picture of her boobs to help convince you? And if she did, would you then be more inclined to offer assistance?

  3. bwhahahahaha… seriously… I hate those. But it seems that anything to do with Viagra is more the spam mail that is attracted to me… figures 🙂

  4. You know what they say though? There is a sucker born every day. Someone must fall for this kind of crap or else the crazies that send these emails wouldn’t still be trying. Let me know how much you make on this deal though as I have a similar offer I am considering.

  5. You know, I’ve heard of these letters, but I can’t remember ever getting one. How fortunate of you to be able to lend your noble assistance! 🙂

  6. Not old folks…just clueless people. Even my sister thought this “guy” was real. Thankfully, she asked me about him and I steered her away from him. My reward for that? A big TV. LOL

  7. Who uses the word noble anymore? Seriously?!?

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