I know I’m a little quirky.  I’ve been perfecting it for years.

How else can you describe an individual who claims to be an introvert yet bares his soul on a semi-regular basis for anyone that has an internet connection?  That’s why I describe myself as an EXTROVERTED introvert.  I come by it honestly.  It’s all in the way I grew up.

I am the youngest in my family by almost TEN years.  It’s interesting because my four older brothers and sisters were all born within a span of about six years…  then I came a decade after.  So, while my brothers and sisters graduated and moved away I thought the sun rose and set inside a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle shell, Donald Duck still presided on my underpants and I wasn’t anywhere near growing my first pube.

I don’t remember a lot of things before the age of eight.  However, I do have plenty of memories after  my siblings had graduated high school and moved away to succumb to all the various nefarious actions they were limited to while living within the friendly confines of our parents house.  Indirectly, I grew up as an only child.  I grew up idolizing my siblings that came before me and as I grew I tried so hard to adopt their mannerisms, their sense of humor, their comedic timing and their writing style.

To this day, when all my brothers and sisters get together they all try to one-up each other in various acts of hilarity.  Living in a home for most of my impressionable young life as an “only child” I lived in the shadow of their antics.  I could never compete.  My voice was always lost because I was the youngest.  My comedic timing had not matured.  I had not found my place.

Don’t get me wrong, I loved my siblings, I loved their sense of humor, their ability to engage me, make me laugh and they made no qualms in their admittance of unbounded love for their little brother: the surprise.

My oldest brother never failed to make me laugh… in fact… he was my idol…

My sister covers the front of the envelope to one of my birthday cards with her own  touch of creativity

Again, my eldest brother leaves his indelible mark in a Valentines Day card my parents sent me while I was in college

From a card congratulating me on my high school graduation, my next oldest brother steals a movie line (extra points to anyone who knows where that came from) and adds his own fart joke… so typically my family…

On more than one frequent occasion, the artwork and words of affirmation came spilling from inside the card to the BACKSIDE of my birthday cards… in this instance from my sister Jenni

Try as I might, I never thought I would never be as funny or as clever as any of them.  But I tried:

As a homeschooled middle schooler, I was assigned to write the story of the good Samaritan as told in the third person.  Needless to say, not only did I have to rewrite it (as my mothers note so clearly states on the side) but it really was quite horrible!

This is a puzzle I made for my mom.  I’m not quite sure how old I was when I made it or what I was trying to accomplish but whatever the case may be it is as equally disturbing as it is apparent how much I was crying out for help!

I was young and trying to find my funny bone, my calling card, my place… my identity in our witty, well-versed, vaudevillian family.  As it is with most little brothers trying to make an impression on their siblings whom they look up to… I was simply trying too hard instead of just letting the pieces fall into place.

I grew up a shy kid.  I wasn’t comfortable with talking too much because quite frankly I felt like I had to make the Earth spin over on its axis when I spoke.  I felt that’s what my brothers and sisters were able to do.

I gradually grew out of thinking this way… but my demeanor has never changed.  I’m still the quiet, introverted individual who it may take you a few times to get to know.  But underneath my quiet, blase exterior… is an extrovert!  A guy who writes a ridiculous blog.  A guy who (I believe) you all enjoy coming back and reading on a semi-regular basis.  A guy who undoubtedly wants HIS stuff to make you laugh.  A guy who’s suddenly the king of physical comedy once his mug is in the crosshairs of a video camera.  A guy who, as a kid, used to cut the faces off male celebrities and paste them on the bodies of women in fashion magazines:

Yes… that’s Leslie Nielsen of “Naked Gun” fame…

Hey… isn’t that Danny DeVito?

Through my nearly 31 years of being alive, I’ve never been more comfortable with who I am than now.  I’m just happy for feeling as though I’ve finally arrived, that I’ve found my place, that I’m living up to my last name and that I’m uniquely quirky… as are the rest of my brothers and sisters:


11 responses to “Quirky

  1. Love you, Chris.

    Also, those men’s-heads-on-women’s-bodies still makes me giggle. It’s timeless!

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  3. Even at 40 years old with a a minimal grasp of the English language, I can’t understand more than 30% of what your brother Guy was saying.

    On a serious note, growing up, where I given just one wish it would have been to have an older brother or sister. To have 4 would have been Shangri-La.

  4. I think that is the best kind of family to have.

    They sound awesome!

  5. I think you captured my sister’s feeling about humor. She never feels like she could be as funny as I am. Yes, I am the older sibling. 😉

  6. I think your stuff is funny as hell, so you must have found your place a lot sooner than you think. By the way, how are you doing right now? I just watched the end of the Series, and I know you must be hurting. I’ve been where you are right now with my Tigers. Just remember, they had a great year, and you always have your wife and kid to make you feel better!

    • I’m doing good. If you had told me at the beginning of the season that we were going to make it to the World Series… I would have taken it. I’m really happy they proved themselves against teams like the Rays and Yankees most of all. The really just ran out of steam I think. The Giants can pitch SOOOO well… and good pitching beats good hitting. That showed in this series.

      Anyway… thanks for the kind words brother and for continuing to read.

  7. Rachael in Australia

    Your blog makes me laugh out loud, and so does Jenni’s. Many thanks to the Koenig “quirky” gene that brightens my day.

  8. Wow! Your siblings are way more creative than my two sisters. I keep getting Hallmark cards without the creativity included. Of course, I think it’s our family way because I don’t write anything (weird considering all I do is write). Instead I call them because dialing the phone is easier that creating actual art. You are a lucky guy. BTW, I stopped by to make sure you were okay about the Rangers’ loss. I thought you might be huddled in a corner sobbing or something.

    • I WAS in a corner sobbing. At least I’ve got another 50-60+ of my life to see them win. If I was 90 years old I’d be a little pissed bc I wouldn’t know how much time I had left to see them win!

  9. Great post, Chris!! We LOVE it! Brought back so many memories. Pam will be really pissed when she sees her face is blocked though!

    It’s good to read your “unraveling” of the family/sibling dynamics. We think you’ve got it right – you are SO cool in your own right, just by being you (and your brothers and sisters appreciate that more than you know).

    Love you.

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