Rehab Is Where I Belong Right Now

Make sure and stay to the end of this post… I announce the winner of the Mr. Men book set!


So, if you haven’t heard by now my beloved Texas Rangers lost the World Series to the San Francisco Giants.

Yay for you assholes

I think they are by far a better team than the Giants but they let the Giants outplay them over a period of five games… five games that really mattered.

I am sad.  I am sad that when I turn on the television… there’s going to be no baseball to watch.  For a period of about four months until spring training starts my wife will now gather full control of the remote and dictate whether we’re going to watch Real Housewives of Atlanta/DC/Beverly Hills/Fargo/The Oklahoma Panhandle or Sister Wives.


Why is it that I feel exhausted?  As I have written about before, what is it about being passionate for a team make you feel as though your thoughts and actions will help dictate the outcome of the game?  For example: I wore several crazy bands on my left wrist for the whole duration of the postseason only because I realized that for a two-day period that I hadn’t worn them… the Rangers lost!   I also tried pushing my happy thoughts and good feelings hundreds of miles into the clubhouse of the Rangers because I actually thought it would help!

I actually felt… ACTUALLY BELIEVED that I was part of this team that went all the way to the World Series!  I had invested so much time and effort into willing them to get this far that they HAD TO WIN!  Right?  Right?

Quite wrong actually.

Another obligatory “Giants Win” photo… *gag*

It is sad… but… it’s okay that the season’s over.  It’s okay because I know that if it wasn’t for the offseason then I couldn’t stop watching.  If the season never ended (which is how my wife feels anyway) I would never be able to stop on my own.  It’s only because of the offseason that I’m able to become a fully functioning member of this family again instead of having to work my schedule around watching the Rangers play on TV.

It’s a bit like rehab.  I suppose rehabbing from watching too much baseball is a bit like rehabbing from smoking crack or huffing paint.  While it is hard to ignore the temptation to smoke a full crack pipe for a crack smoker… it is equally as hard for a baseball fan to ignore a baseball game that’s being played on the TV in front of him.  Only removing yourself or the addiction from the room will begin to start the healing process.

I realize drawing a comparison between smoking crack and watching baseball is pretty extreme but in the instance of Josh Hamilton… it’s not that far off:

Nice shot there Hambone

Anyways… baseball is over.  If you had asked me at the beginning of the season if I wanted to see the Rangers in the World Series this year I would have emphatically said, “HELL YES” and while they wound up a tad short… I have to admit that the Giants outplayed them and fully deserved to win.

We’ll get ’em next year.


Alright, now I’m going to announce who won this:

It’s an EIGHT book set of Mr. Men books that you can give to your little one or (with Christmas around the corner) you could gift it to a little on in your extended family!  Whatever the case may be it’s a FANTASTIC little prize for JUST COMMENTING on the post I wrote concerning this giveaway.

So… without further adieu the winner pulled from 23 contestants through is…. THIS GUY!!:

Okay… okay… it wasn’t that guy.  It is actually BloggerFather!  Congratulations!  Email me your personal address to and I’ll drop that in the mail to you ASAP.

If you didn’t win… please stop bitchin’ and please don’t lose hope!  There will be more giveaways coming up and if you continue playing the more likely it is that you’ll win!


9 responses to “Rehab Is Where I Belong Right Now

  1. I feel like the Rangers. I should have been able to win those books. Blogger Father just was on his game for that post. That’s all.

    I’ll win next time.

  2. I know what exactly what you are feeling. After the Tigers lost in 2006 and again in game 163 last year, I wasn’t sure I was upset about them losing or if it was because I couldn’t watch them anymore. Chin up though, the Hot Stove League starts, oh about now. That should tide you over for a while. The Winter Meetings are in a little over a month so you have that to look forward to as well. Baseball never ends.

  3. I truly wish I possessed the physical and emotional passion to watch professional sports, any of them, like you guys do. The nearest I got was my Tennessee Volunteers after their ’98 National Championship season.

    After that it was just a slow road to hell. Three coaches, sanctions and a rap sheet that would make MS-13 proud. I have entirely given up on that team and with it any last spark of zeal for sports overall. Fair weather fan? Maybe, But I’ve turned in yelling at televisions and spending countless hours in bars for the simple life of documentaries and spritzers..the good life baby!

  4. I always root for the underdog. I was sad to see the Rangers lose.

  5. That’s the way baseball go.

    -pimp RW da man

  6. I’ve gone into a deep dark place. No Reds, no baseball. No scheduling my life around when they are on tv (I’m glad to know I wasn’t the only one who did that).

    But then I remembered HOCKEY is on! KaChing!

    You need another sport if you’re going to survive until spring training. Seriously. Hockey. Flyers Hockey. It’s what you need.

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