Prop 19 Didn’t Pass! How Totally Non-Bogus Dude!

The smallest utterance of politics makes my brain shut down into a lifeless, steaming pile of toad poop.

I can’t get into it.  I can’t get passionate about it.  It doesn’t interest me.

I know, as an American born American, I should… but I simply cannot.

All I know is that no one is ever going to agree on anything.  In a perfect world there would be no arguments, there wouldn’t be any Republican or Democratic parties, there would be no Hillary Clinton and we would all have nothing to argue about.

I know… boring, right?

Although, I have to admit, I was slightly interested in seeing if “Prop 19” would pass.  For those of you who don’t know, Prop 19 was a ballot initiative to legalize marijuana (aka pot, dope, Mary Jane, ganja, giggleweed, reefer, bud, cryptonite, doobie, grass, hocus pocus, happy backy, rainy day woman, wackytabacky, pretendica, etc.) in the state of California.

California’s Future Governor: The Honorable Mr. Snoop Dogg

It didn’t pass.

Honestly, I was going to be really surprised if it did pass… even for California!

I couldn’t even imagine the drove of patchouli-soaked hippies that would move to California to bask in the glow of the legalization of marijuana.  Perhaps that’s why California residents voted to keep it illegal?  I mean… who likes the smell of patchouli other than dirty hippies right?! (Sorry Matt)

Anyway, as someone who’s *cough cough* never smoked wackytabacky myself *cough cough*… ahem… I’m a little under the weather (or am I?) I apologize… what was I saying?  Oh yeah, in my humble opinion I don’t think it’s a good idea to legalize it because of the sheer chaos it would cause.

“But Papa K, marijuana is much safer than alcohol!” You might say, “No one has ever died from smoking too much pot!”

It’s true, no one has overdosed from inhaling too much cannabis… they just become incredibly stupid.  Nothing irritates me more than someone who is high.  While the recipient of the head change is on another planet, his or her surrounding peers have to put up with the idiocy of his or her actions.

Can you imagine how long it would take to get through the check-out line at Wal-Mart when the checker is as high as a hot air balloon? 

What if the person driving in the lane next to you just sucked down a whole blunt and their idea of exiting the highway is to change lanes by smashing through your luxury Sedan?  I don’t think you or I would have much sympathy for someone after picking ourselves out of a ditch on the side of the road to find out the reason they ran you off the road was because their sensory skills were inhibited by the giggleweed!

Yet… I have some sympathy for the “legalize marijuana” advocates.  I see Marijuana, as with EVERYTHING, in excess is too much.  Too much beer is bad, too much ice cream is bad, too much sex is bad (well… not that bad), too much of Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen is bad and too much pot is bad.  Now, if you could GUARANTEE some resiliency on the part of those who want to smoke a little Mary-Jane and limit their intake only to times when they’re out of harms way or not in a position to severely affect every one elses busy schedules… then fine.  But it wouldn’t be that way because Americans like to abuse their privilages.

I could go on and on.  The argument between smokers and non-smokers will carry on much like arguments about capital punishment, prayer in schools and whether or not Elena Kagan is a man.

Sir… ah… Ma’am… uh… hey you!

Whatever the case may be, I honestly don’t have a problem with people who want to smoke an occasional doobie much in the same way I don’t have a problem with someone who wants to have a few drinks.  The problem is how many dirty hippies would abuse their right to smoke pot free and clear.  While this would increase profits for those who invest in IHOP, Denny’s and Waffle House it would also increase the amount of one-sided ass whippings given to smoked-out hippies that fried the final nerve of many clear-minded individuals.

So, with that, thank God Prop 19 didn’t pass.

That’s what I think… what do you think?

BTW – I didn’t inhale.


16 responses to “Prop 19 Didn’t Pass! How Totally Non-Bogus Dude!

  1. I love Amsterdam, but it would be a whole hell of a lot better without all the pot heads. Now, most of the city is great, but all the pot heads congregate in the same place, and that essentially makes for a concentrated problem. It would be nice to think that making it legal would mean everybody just smoked it in their own homes and we’d never know the difference, but I suspect it would turn into a vacation destination for hippies, and California already has enough of those.

  2. I am surprised it didn’t pass. I was pretty ambivalent about it, honestly. I don’t see the big deal with legalizing it.

    Also, I LOVE patchouli. It’s what real men smell like. ;o)

  3. People are retarded enough without being under the influence of that shit 24/7.

  4. I’m glad it didn’t pass as well. It would just lead to too many people abusing the right to smoke the stuff. We know people smoke it now, and making it legal would give some people a false sense of entitlement. I’ve NEVER smoked the stuff, but I don’t pass judgment on anyone who does, heck my wife used to, I just don’t see the point in legalizing it.

  5. Ha! For a minute there (well, more than a minute)I thought Mr. Dogg was posing for a “Got Milk?” ad.

    Though I was thinking that 19 might pass, I was glad it didn’t. I agree with all the comments above: we just don’t need people under its influence legally – if something can be abused, and it would be, well…
    I don’t know enough about the medicinal purposes to comment on that.

    There was a funny/disturbing cartoon in yesterday’s paper: a woman is reading the news about Prop.19 and then a man is reading the same paper declaring the re-election of Jerry Brown! What gives with that????

  6. I can’t resist the opportunity to provide the opposing opinion.

    First, I disagree that it would cause chaos. Using your examples of excess, would you start doing it just because it was legal? You might try it but for the same reasons you don’t drink 5 drinks a day or eat a Braum’s sundae with every meal, you wouldn’t smoke a lot of weed and become a “pothead”.

    Second, the contribution to the US incarceration rate for petty drug crimes is rather absurd and costly. 90% of the folks in federal prison are there from non-violent crimes. ( This did not used to be so. Before the 1980’s war on drugs, the number of offenders in jail for non-violent drug crimes was 1/10 what it is today. Want to know what the drug use rate is today? Higher.

    Third, by the same logic you use on marijuana, alcohol should be completely illegal. Alcohol use raises the rate of every violent crime know to man (rape, murder, domestic violent, child abuse, etc) and is used regularly by over half the population often to excess. Also, as you addressed above, marijuana is a much safer drug all things considered.

    So my argument for legalization is that our current system does not make sense and we permit far more dangerous “drugs” to be legal while penalizing a significant percentage of the population based on misinformation and mis-characterization of the argument (mostly based on gut feeling and arbitrary opinion).

    That’s my 2 cents. :p

    • Are you high?

      While I understand what you’re saying and while I also agree with it… I think the negatives far outweigh the positiives. There are far too many people willing to abuse such a privilage.

      • I would be inclined to agree but I think it is very blurry and there could be lots of positives (revenue, less drug crime, less incarceration, less drinking even). Also, I think some of the negatives (more potheads, how annoying high people are, etc) are overblown.

        I would just like to see the argument framed more in the context of facts. With that, I’d like to see us discuss the ills of all drug abuse (and even use) more honestly and specifically address the prevalence of alcohol use/abuse.

    • BTW… thanks for commenting brother. I thought you might think this post was worthy of a comment.

  7. I’m for the 100% legalization of marijuana… But Prop 19 was just a horrible piece of garbage legislation.

    Prop 19 was written with special interest and corporate domination of CA marijuana market in mind… By THEIR OWN COUNTS, the 4 Oakland Mega Pot Factories would have been selling their herb for about $300 an ounce.

    The majority of what the “Yes on 19” people had to say was completely false…

    Billions of revenue for the state… NO… Only .02% of the cities in California had pro-marijuana legislation on the ballot…

    One thing I really didn’t like about the “Yes on 19” campaign was how they vilified growers… It seemed like anyone who grew “legally” or not… I think anyone who every bought marijuana legally, but used that as an argument is a hypocrite…

  8. I’m suprised it didn’t pass, with all the talk and arguments plus the fact that many have at least “experiemented” with pot you’d think it would be legal. I mean after all they’ve made cigerettes more addictive then heroin and booze kills thousands every year from drinking and driving. You would think that legalizing a substance that could also be a huge tax revenue for the government plus open the door for buisness to make and sell hemp products, such as paper, clothing, rope, etc would be a good thing.

  9. Personally, I say legalize it and tax the shiot out of it! If we find ourselves with a pothead predicament, then we can just round them all up and bus their arses to Utah or maybe Montana. Don’t most potheads like nature anyway?

  10. Since no one else touched the topic of “Fame”. I will be the first.

    Is fame really all that its cracked up to be?
    Isn’t just writing some good shit for the the entertainment of others good enough?
    Sometimes fame turns to bad things.

    Just sayin

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