Fame Looks Good On Me

As long as I can remember… I’ve always wondered what it would be like to see my face splattered across the front page of People Magazine.

Yeah… fame looks something exactly like that…

I am a self-declared “Extroverted Introvert”… for good reason… but there’s always been that side of me who wants to be acknowledged universally for what a unique species of man-meat that I am.  I think all of us have that little bit of self-indulgence that needs to be fed every once and a while.

So… feed my ego and nudge my self-indulgence a bit as I inch closer to super-stardom.

You can do this by visiting the TWO places I’ve guest posted for this week.  Visit them.  Bring them traffic.  Help them reap the rewards of hosting such a literary genius as myself on their blogs for a day.

The first is located at “Just Me – Kirsty“.  Kirsty is fairly new to blogging but runs a pretty active parenting forum called “Mummy Brain“.  It’s “Mummy” (Not Mommy) Brain because Kristy happens to be from NEW ZEALAND!!  How cool is that!!  Check both of them out… or I’ll tell my mom.

Secondly, check out the greatness I wrote for Gucci Mama.  It’s one of only a few things I’ve written where I can say from beginning to end it really flows really well.  Bunny even gave it “A TEN”.  She’s my most honest critic so you know if she liked it it has to be good!  It happens to be about my innate ability to pick out high-heel shoes for her.  No… I’m not even the slightest bit gay… I just think I’ve evolved well above other male human beings… that’s just my opinion anyway.

Seriously though… read it.  It’s good stuff.

For a list of all my other guest posts you can click this phrase:  Kim Kardashian doesn’t know what she’s missing by not following me on Twitter.

Fame… I can smell it. 

Wait!  Gross… that’s not fame…


7 responses to “Fame Looks Good On Me

  1. I’m loving you already! Found you over at Gucci, who I adore as well. I’m signing up via e-mail and adding you to my blog roll!(don’t get too excited, I have a tiny little blog, but I love it, cuz it’s mine!) Anyway, I really enjoyed cruising around your blog, and I’ll definatley be looking around more. And your daughter? Beyond adorable. Your wife? Don’t get started. The teeth? I would kill for. I won’t even go there about her, uhm, other assets 🙂

  2. Well, aren’t you just getting around. Good work man. Good work.

  3. You did a rip-dandy job over in the Land of Gucci. You are to be commended, celebrated and perhaps even worshiped. Your position and credibility in the blogosphere has been cemented in concrete, or, at the very least, a nice steamy bowl of name brand oatmeal.

    Anyways, I love your blog and keep up the good works. Glad I visited. Take care.

    • Wow. Whatever you say there Kelly. I’ve always been a big fan of oatmeal… cinnamon apple in particular. Thanks for visiting! Always nice to get new visitors!

  4. its about time you were getting noticed for your blog/writing, alway said your stuff is amazing. cheers dude.

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