Papa K Is Making Changes AND Wants Your Photos AND Is Giving Something Away

Notice anything different? 

No… I haven’t gotten liposuction.

No… I haven’t transcended time and space to bring you another enlightening blog post about my wife’s boobs, how I want Kim Kardashian to notice I’m alive, how sad I am the Rangers lost the World Series or even a touching post about how much I love my kid.

No… (I’ll squash THIS rumor once and for all) I will not do kids birthday parties because of my own ethical standards.  I will, however, do birthday parties, bachelorette parties (no bachelor parties) and general hedonistic get-togethers.  

Seriously though… notice anything different?

For those of you who aren’t able to tell what’s differet because you’re lacking a well-functioning brain… I’ve registered my own domain. 

Welcome to the slowly evolving, “Who Is Papa K“.  No more

Everything’s the same except my URL no longer contains the “wordpress” suffix nor the “handstowar” prefix.  I now stand alone in the expansive internet (If you’ve got “Hands To War” bookmarked… no worries because it automatically redirects to WIPK).

I aim to market my new domain name as effectively as possible by permanently tattooing it on the foreheads of stay-at-home moms.  Or perhaps by writing it on the backs of UFC fighters with a sharpie!  I could mass produce bumper stickers and buy ad space on the sides of semi-tractor trailers!  Perhaps, during the Super Bowl, I could streak across the field in nothing more than a yellow thong and “Who Is Papa K” written across my back, chest and buttocks!

The possibilities are endless.

In all reality, I’ve been wanting to register my own domain for a while and quite frankly it was time to do it.  I’ve been blogging for almost two years now and it was time I separated “” from my domain name.

I honestly don’t know what else is up my sleeve for WIPK… but stay tuned.

So… I’m going to celebrate the new name by giving something away.

I want to give you a poster.  I want to give you what ever poster you want.

Do you like Kim Kardashian?  I do.  If you do… then I’ll send you this poster:

Are you looking forward to the new Harry Potter movie?  I’m not.  But if you are I’ll send you this poster:

Do you have a daughter that loves Justin Bieber or are you a closet jackass?  Maybe you can get her this:


Anyway, whatever poster you want (within reason), I’ll get it for you IF you win and send it in one of those cool tube mailer things IF you win.

What do you have to do to enter?  Well… all you have to do for me is something like this:

Or this:

Or this:

A picture of you with “Papa K” somewhere in the picture.  That’s all I want.  Use your creativity.  Email them to and you’ll be entered to win.  I’ll then post them to my Fanroll and if you have a blog or website yourself I’ll link to it too.

Now get goin’.  If you want that poster of N’Sync, Iggy Pop or Celine Dion then I wanna see some pics in my inbox!


17 responses to “Papa K Is Making Changes AND Wants Your Photos AND Is Giving Something Away

  1. When does this said contest end?

  2. Okay! I’m all over this. Let me think of of something and I’ll get back to you in a bit 🙂 Congratulations on the switch!

  3. Are you judging this? Or will the winner be randomly chosen? Will cuteness count? (b/c my kids are something to see) Do you want to know what we want up front? Hmmm. . .do I choose for me or the family?

  4. Yea for your own name! I tried to do that but someone took mine already. Damn it. Don’t they know there is only ONE me? Impostors.

    A poster…um no thank you, but congrats on the new site anyway!

    • What! You don’t want a poster of Joey Votto or Aroldis Chapman? I don’t believe you. I’d think you’d want a Cincinnatti Reds poster for sure!

  5. This should be fun!!! Oh… I thought the difference was your header!!! I’m commenting on your blog in an airplane up in the air traveling across country! You feel important now?

  6. Have you heard that Kim K is hosting People’s Sexiest Man Alive…I’m sure you have, you were probably invited, if so…TAKE ME WITH YOU!!!!


    • Yes. I did hear that UP. Unfortunatly, she and no one other than my faithful readers know I exist so I wasn’t invited. I will not give up hope though… I will not give up hope…

  7. First picture I have EVER seen of that Beaver kid, and to think I saw it here on PapaK.

    Who is this PapaK?

  8. I’m going to write “I Love Papa K and I read him every day. In my bed, in the car, I be readin’ that shit near and far.”

    on Brent’s schlong.

    I just want to make sure you will accept porn shots first.

  9. I’m still working on an idea. Hand to change directions.

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