Papa K Answers Your Questions… Again…

Did you know that “A’ight” is a word?  It is the urban way of saying “Alright”.

So with that being said:

A’ight folks… I’ve grown tired of things to talk about and I want YOU to provide me with some questions to answer.  I’ll even throw in a prize for a random contributor.  Since my last giveaway of a POSTER to the winning contributor fell to the ONE SINGLE CONTRIBUTOR of that contest (congrats Jon)… I’ll make the ante a little better this time around and award the winning question-giver a $20 gift certificate.  With Christmas coming up… I can’t think of a better prize to give outside of a $25, $50 or $1000 gift certificate which, I’m sorry, but I haven’t made my first million yet writing blog posts for my (5) adoring fans.

This can be a lot of fun for you because you get to find out some of the most deep seeded secrets about your favorite blogger: me.  All you have to do is ask.

So… if you wanna know how old I was when I peed my pants the last time or where my third nipple is located or when I plan on splicing some of my DNA then selling my clones as slaves on the black market in Mexico the feel free to ask away.

Seriously… ask me some questions.

I’m serious.


I’d like to get questions from at least ten different readers and have TWO of them be readers who’ve never commented before.


I’m serious.

Seriously… ask me some questions.

Dammit I’m serious.


22 responses to “Papa K Answers Your Questions… Again…

  1. Okay. Ummm…

    What is your favorite thing to do with DLG? Do you take her on daddy dates? I really hope you take her on daddy dates. You must.

  2. Do you cry after sex?

  3. lmao, scott! And only one entry? I thought you’d have a ton, so I skipped it! gaaahh!!

    Can you do the contest again? (how smart am I? unless of course, you just answer, “no”.)

    How long did you wait to kiss your wife? Was your first date awesome? How long before you knew she was ‘the one’? How long before she knew?

    • I don’t have to do a contest for you to send me a picture for my fanroll Kim! Tell you what… if you send me a picture for my fanroll then I’ll send you a poster of your choice no questions asked. All you gotta do is send me a pic… that’s easy!!

  4. what would you do if your gorgeous daughter got a KNUCKLE Tattoo ?? on all 10 knuckles ?????

  5. Christopher, I want to know if you ever ended up pooping out your spleen after your wedding illness issues? I’ve been meaning to ask for years!

  6. How old were you *really* when you quit breastfeeding?

    Do you think breastfeeding lead you to become a “booby” man?

    Is a third nipple hot?

    Would you rather cuddle or have sex?

    I realize I have commented before. Will you still consider me for the prize?

    Did you know they have knitting patterns for things like “penis cozy”? What kind of guy would want that? There are also patterns to knit your own ta-tas.

    (See, I can ask random, weird questions too.)

    • Just to answer your question about if I’ll consider you for the prize: Yes. Yes I will.

      But… I’m still waiting on you picture. Just sayin’…

  7. What is the meaning of life? (I mean other than Kim Kardashian.)


  8. I am lazy with pictures. But just for you – I’ll have the boy take one of me this week. 🙂 Happy now?

  9. Scientific – when did you first realize that you were bound by the law of gravity?

    Philosophical – why does life continue to give us lemons, knowing we prefer bananas?

    Childish – what did 0 say to 8?

  10. Was your first glimpse of Bunny boob as amazing as you had built it up to be?

  11. I voted.

    You do love your daughter. Barney! OMG!

  12. 1. I don’t have a website, but I know a lot of poeple who blog and they tell me that I should start a blog but I don’t even know how to do it, what would you suggest?

    2. My bloger friends tell me that ehy have made some great friendships through blogging, is that true for you too?

    3. What are soe good blogs you would suggest for someoen tostart following and why?

    4. if you could die laying on boobs, whose would you choose Kim Kardashan’s or your wife’s

    • What’s up Joseph. Thanks for asking some questions. I need to get around to answering all my questions in my next post. I’ve been a little lazy in doing so. Great questions BTW! I’ve got some great answers!!! Stay tuned…

  13. 1. What are three things that you enjoy now as an adult, that when you were a kid you would have never in a million years guessed you would enjoy? (I’m not talking about anything with your wife or your daughter, just every day average things.)
    2. What is one thing that you loved as a kid and that you still love as an adult?

    Sometimes I think its fun to look back and see how things have changed in our lives…and how they haven’t. =)

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