Boobs, Pizookie Then The Snuggie… In That Order

I’ve made it no secret to everyone that reads my blog that I love boobs.  No God-fearing, heterosexual man with two working eyeballs and fully functional reproductive organs would disagree with me.  That is… unless they claim to be more a fan of the derriere, which I happen to be a big fan of too… but it is simply not in the same league as it’s two cousins from the north.

On the list of my favorite things, following shortly after boobs, is my favorite dessert from a restaurant called “BJ’s Restaurant and Brewery” (I’ve included the link for you in case you decided to search “BJ’s” on Google… you probably won’t find the restaurant).  There are no desserts in the Universe that are so simple yet bring you so close to ultimate orgasmic fulfillment as this ice cream/cookie treat.  May I present “The Pizookie“:

Ooh… Oooooooooh… OOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!  I need a cigarette.

Those two lone items have remained on the “objects of my affection” list for years and only until just recently has a third item joined the club.

It was last weekend when we were out of town attending my eldest nieces wedding.  Bunny and I were at a party hosted by the newly married couple when the mother of the bride (my sister) walked into the house carrying a zebra print “Snuggie” and my eyes became saucer-like.  I haven’t been a stranger to the sudden Snuggie phenomenon… I knew quite well what they were (blankets with sleeves) but I’d never had an opportunity to “wear” one.  Now that my sister was standing in the doorway with a Snuggie the opportunity was there… and I took full advantage of it:

I’m positive Heaven is where Snuggies came from. 

As I sat there on my new newphew-in-law’s video game rocker, the Snuggie melded with my DNA and began interlocking with the video game rocker on a molecular level.  I was slowly becoming the video game rocker itself!  Granted, a video game rocker with a head… but a video game rocker nonetheless. 

It was the most comfortable I’d been since I discovered what it was like to not wear underpants.

1. Boobs

2. Pizookie

3. Snuggie

In that order.

What’s your order?


11 responses to “Boobs, Pizookie Then The Snuggie… In That Order

  1. Sometimes I think you and I might be brothers seperated at birth. I have the same loves in life as you. Oh, there’s just that Texas Rangers thing you got going on. I’ll have to include a pic on my blog of my Snuggie. I’ve been lucky enough to know the joys a Snuggie brings for a while now. One of life’s great joys!

  2. “do not google BJ” LOL!! Also? Do NOT google “cheerleader photos” NO NO NO!! I was looking for inspiration b/c my daughter wanted a cheerleadear birthday cake. I think my exact wordage was ‘cheerleader birthday cake photos’ Thankfully I was able to throw myself at the computer screen b/c she was sitting right next to me. AND, you are totally rocking that zebra snuggie. I’m sure your wife was proud. 🙂 Thanks so much for stopping by my blog — I was thrilled to see you!!

  3. Seeing as Florida is the closest state to me where I could share a warm embrace with the Pizookie, it regrettably, will not be on the list.

    And as dashing as you appear in that faux zebra carcass, my Man Card has a stipulation forbidding me from wearing any clothing item with the words snuggie, tu-tu, or speedo as part of the label.

    As such, my order is boobs, boobs and boobs!

    Check please!

    • Dude… my man card is still intact. Now… if I was watching Sex And The City while sipping a glass of wine while wearing the Snuggie… then my man card should be shredded.

      As it was, I was drinking a beer and had just got done scratching my balls while wearing the Snuggie.

  4. Haven’t had 2 or 3 but love 1 enough for all three.

    Happy Thanksgiving weekend Man.

  5. Okay, I’ve never tried a snuggie. But, if a snuggie comes almost as highly recommended as boobs then I’m totally going to get one! My order is something close to yours.

    I’m sorry. I can’t think of anything after that. Maybe I need a pizookie. 🙂

  6. I also love the Snuggie. Boobs aren’t even on my list, sorry, but we have this cookie dessert treat that kind of looks familiar to BJ’s and I bet it might even give your dessert a run for its money!

    So I’d say my order is:

    1. Cookie dessert
    2. Snuggie
    3. TBD

  7. Pizookies are amazing…but thats not why I’m writing. I saw on Walgreen’s sign that they have Thunder Snuggies….
    Just an FYI.

    PS: You could give away a snuggie! Or a Pizookie!

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