Papa K And His Graceful Aging

 Don’t deny it… I was cute…

Don’t deny it… I was cute…


Okay… you really have to stop denying it…


Anyone else have a picture like this where their mom forgot it was picture day at school?

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This picture was taken shortly after I skinned a cat

This picture was taken right before I got beat up on the way to the bathroom


If I had known Justin Bieber would make billions off of this haircut I would have done something else other than obsess over Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles


Oops… I crapped my pants…


I broke hearts


“What?  All these books?  Yeah… I’ve read them.  No pictures… seriously.”

Best.  Photo. Ever.


Puberty wasn’t nice to me.  When it hit me, my Adam’s Apple became my most noticeable feature…


Adam’s Apple slowly slowly shrinking…

My head seems to be catching up to my Adam’s Apple now.  It looks a little more proportionately correct.

 Bucket hat?  Check.  Ying-Yang necklace?  Check.  Trying SO desperately hard to be cool yet failing miserably?  Check.

At last… finally!  A cool picture of myself!  Wait…


If you haven’t noticed… I’m stalling.  I’m due to post answers to all your questions you asked a while back.  I’m also supposed to award a $20 gift certificate to someone who commented on that particular post which I will also do soon.  If you still have questions then feel free to ask them!  Due to my inability to finish things in a timely matter, it’s still not too late to enter it!


9 responses to “Papa K And His Graceful Aging

  1. OK, that cowboy hat is beyond cute!! My son would never cooperate and keep it on for me, never. As a mom, I thank you! And yes, you were cute 🙂 Aren’t those awkward photos just so great? Do you think our kids will look so awkward w/ all of todays accessories and makeup? I cringe.

  2. I once had a bucket hat as well. I also did NOT look cool with it on. I think it’s impossible to look cool with a bucket hat on. I could say something about it being cool as long as you think it is, but that’s just BS. Bucket hats are not cool! Good try though.

  3. The cowboy hat is rocking….and it’s bigger that you were.

  4. Heehee. You were SO totally cute. Btw, is it possible to scan those golden locks of yours? That would make a great post: “The Hair That Used to Be”.

    When I saw the title on this one, I thought you were going to write about your TG “stair incident”. Now that everyone’s curiosity is aroused, you’ll have to.

  5. I never wore a bucket hat. Not that I wasn’t desperate – was too busy being a nerd. 😉

  6. I agree with the “best picture ever” label. It’s the perfect combination of angry/awesome/I’m fifteen and very deep and intellectual.

  7. LOL- great pics Chris! You’re a brave man!!

  8. Those are great pictures. I don’t have my school picture anymore — don’t know what happened to them. You were a cute kid. I wore big huge thick glasses and looked totally nerdy.

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