Merry Christmas From Papa K

Ninety-six bucks.

That’s how much more money I’m going to contribute to the The Make-A-Wish Foundation because of YOUR comments!  I quite honestly was somewhat stunned that so many people responded to my request.  For once I actually felt like a well read blogger!  In celebration of the “almost 100 comment” mark… I’m going to go ahead and round-up my extra pledge to a clean hundred.

Thus concludes the first Papa K comment drive.  Now… I can get back to being an idiot.

(I contributed at a couple places while I was “away”, once at “My Life As I See It” for my good friend Tony and at “In The Real World: Venus Vs. Mars“. Check ’em out if you get a chance.)


It’s been nice taking a break.  It’s not completely over (as I’m planning on coming back full force after the New Year)… but I would be a complete douche if I didn’t wish all of you a Merry Christmas.

Some things I’ve done on my bloggy break.

 – Taken DLG to see Santa a freakin’ ridiculous amount of times:

 – I got five stitches on my chin (in a most unusual way… blog post coming on that experience):

 – I turned 31:

My wife knows what I like: boobs.  Especially boobs made of cake.

 – DLG got her nails did:

 – I wrote perhaps the most hateful, venomous letter to anyone I’ve ever written or thought I was capable of writing:

This has nothing to do with the letter… I just thought it was hilarious.

So… now that we’re all caught up I want to take the opportunity to wish you “Merry Christmas” again and if you don’t have a tradition of reading “The Night Before Christmas” then allow me to let DLG read it to you:

Merry Christmas everyone.


8 responses to “Merry Christmas From Papa K

  1. awww. cute of course you knew that.
    great cake happy Birthday!
    did the boob cake beat you up for biting too hard, is that the reason for the stitches, jk of course.

    Merry Christmas from Mari’s Fun!

  2. Good job on raising that much money, man. Cool beans. I hope Super Derp lands on that ugly mug of hers, has re-constructive surgery done, as a result, and comes out looking somewhat human. Eeegads!

    I also hope you and yours have a very merry and peaceful Christmas.


  3. Oh… and booby cake tastes the best

  4. awesome cake — that was one talented cake maker, way too cute kid there (and one dedicated dad. We didnt’ even do Santa at that age) and can I still count in the Make a Wish deal? My blog roll missed your updates somehow (talk about bad timing for a tech glitch) and I didn’t get your updates. Otherwise you know (do you? Have I been here enough?) I’d have been commenting all over the place. A dear friend of mine lost her son 9 years ago, and I’ve lost 3 babies very early in my pregnancy. So my hearat truly does hurt w/ you and this family.
    Hoping your Christmas is beautiful.

  5. Very cute reading by DLG and of course there is the little dog in the background! Merry Christmas and great job raising that much money.
    PS: Sorry about the whole Cliff Lee thing.

  6. I loved Story and Bunny’s reading of “T’was the Night Before Christmas”. PRECIOUS! Love you all; Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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