Papa K’s New Years Resolutions for 2011

Last year, I made a resolution to get back in “pre-Papa K” shape… I failed.

I also made resolutions to grow this blog to where I garnered a certain number of hits and comments per day… I succeeded.

Lastly, as sort of an afterthought, I wanted to get DLG potty trained in a years time… mission accomplished.

I guess that two out of three ain’t bad.

So, that begs the question… what am I going to resolve to do this year?

I’ve always wanted to get a tattoo on my face or learn how to hang from my scrotum and channel the pain into small energy bursts I can throw at pencil-thin moustached bad guys… but I don’t know how reasonable those resolutions are.

I could always resolve to sell my soul in exchange for Ryan Reynolds abs… but I know I won’t do it.  Mainly because my soul is worth much more to be than some well-defined abdominal muscles and I’m pretty sure than Ryan Reynolds employs a sorcerer to keep himself looking like that.

Ryan Reynolds abs: a source of good eating habits and proper exercise… or the product of evil black magic and ancient sorcery?  I chose the latter.

If I want to attain something of consequence in the year 2011, I have to strive to do something that is no SO far-fetched that it’s unattainable yet something that requires a modicum of effort not normally achieved during my normal, every day routine.

So, while I certainly will try to feel as though I am again living in my 21-year-old body, I am going to accomplish these goals for the 2011 AD:

 – I’m going to stop drinking AMP Energy Drink.

Amp Energy Drink: if I continue… I fear it will kill me eventually

This shit is addicting and for some reason I fell into its magnetic pull.  I wake up in the morning NEEDING IT as I’m sure some people need their morning coffee.  Well… I’m done.  One day fifty years from now, everyone who regularly drank energy drinks is going to unexplainably self-destruct.  I’m sure of it and for this reason I need to stop.

 – I’m going to write a book

Now… I didn’t say I was going to get a book published or say if it was going to be a children’s book or even if it was only going to be two pages… all I’m saying is that I’m going to write a book.  It’s going to be epic.. would you expect anything less from me?

I’ll even give you a sneak peak by giving you the title I’ve tirelessly struggled with for weeks: “To Kill A Mockingbird”.  Pretty catchy, eh?

The Papa K Family is going to move

We unsuccessfully tried to sell our house this year but that has not squelched the desire for us to pick up and move to a new place.  We’ve lived in our starter home since October 2005 and while it’ll always hold a special place in our hearts… there’s no more rooms to try and make babies in so we need a bigger house with more rooms.

Bunny hates my “Dole” shirt

While Bunny has a never-ending checklist of amenities for a new house… I have only one: I need a man-cave.

And lastly:

 – It would be really great to get a celebrity to submit to my Fanroll

I plug my damn Fanroll constantly with minimal participation… and that’s cool.  I get that people are busy and it’s asking a lot of readers to take pictures of themselves proving their devotion to me (then emailing them to me at  I get it.  Really I do.  But I would poop my pants if I got even a semi-famous, Z-list celebrity (Any band member from O-Town, etc.) to submit their picture to my fanroll.

I know, I know… you’re saying, “But Papa K… they put on their pants one leg at a time just like you!”

Yes, I’m aware of that… don’t rain on my parade.


So, those are my resolutions for 2011.  Which of mine are you looking most forward to coming to fruition?  What are your resolutions?  Do you want to submit a picture to my Fanroll?  What is the capitol of Uranus?

Seriously folks, thanks for reading me this year… I’ve got lots of stuff planned for 2011 to write about and I’m happy you’re here along for the ride.


If you’re going to spend NYE out on the town than be safe out there.  As my dad would say, “There’s a bunch of idiots out on the road tonight.”



13 responses to “Papa K’s New Years Resolutions for 2011

  1. Dude, I would sell my soul for a body like Ryan Reynolds – with a body like that who needs a soul?

    Happy New Year man – looking forward to what is in store with you and your blog.

  2. I would venture that I am at least a Z list celebrity – among dad bloggers that is. But I won’t submit a picture if you end up crapping your drawers.

    Good luck with everything. Fistbump!

    Happy New Year.

    • Man dude… I forgot! My bad! You’re not a Z-List celeb though… I would venture to say you’re more an N-List celebrity if not an M. 🙂

      Fistbump right back atcha!

  3. How about my friend Connie’s son who is the leader of the band The Kildares? They’re really famous around the Dallas area and amongst Irish rock band devotees. No?

    Or how about your Uncle Martin’s friend Tom Quinn’s granddaughter, Sally, who plays Nathan Fillion’s daughter on “Castle”? No again?

    Well, closer to home then, how about Daisy, who’s going to famous someday? Like your brother Paul who has a CD out? Yeah, that would be more like it.

    Well, excuuuuuuse me. Just trying to be helpful.

    Btw, you never mentioned that you DID actually lose some weight this year (late in the year). I think it’s worth mentioning. Especially if you don’t gain it back. And..I approve heartily of you giving up AMP. It can’t be good for you.(I’m just saying that because I had to give up coffee). I will look forward to reading your book – the idea you told me about is intriguing. Can you do it without the f-word?
    Thank you.

  4. I forgot about the fanroll! I’m totally going to get my 5 Peanuts to get together and make a picture for your fanroll. Maybe tonight, because, what else do I have to do???

  5. well dude its been a great ride this year with ya, my fave was dance friday where u fell, hilarious! I Can’t wait to see what happens next year! cheers!!

  6. Good stuff, but I’ve got to tell you, I THINK I’ve heard of a book with that title. Maybe, I can’t quite place it though. Maybe you put a Part 2 on it. That would rule. I’ve been meaning to send you a pic for your fanroll, even though I’m not even a Z list celebrity. I did shake Barry Sanders’ hand once, and I’ve also had a 5 minute conversation with Bobby Higginson! Does that impress you at all?
    Have a great New Year!

  7. I love that your mom asked you to not use the f-word. 😀

    I am going to knit from the stash all year. ::crickets chirping::

    No really.

    Ok – how about if I say “I’ll *try* to knit from the stash all year”?

    Yeah. I’m not buying it either.

    It’s fun following you along through the year. Can’t wait to see what you do this year.
    (Maybe I’ll try to blog about something other than knitting.)

  8. I’m working on a fanroll pix. After all, call me delusional, but I’m a celebrity!


  9. Yeah, I need to get that fanroll pic of my winning I tunes gift card, thanks again!

    Reynolds, sold his soul to the evil one and has a really good photoshop tech on the payroll. I will give props the dude is ripped however.

    Lastly, AMP will definitely kill you. It’s liquid poison.

  10. Happy New Year Papa K! Great to have you back. You have some great New Year’s resolutions as well. Me? Well I haven’t thought of one! I’m kinda stressing too, since it is the 3rd day of January and I haven’t thought of any kind of resolution…maybe you should pick for me?
    Also, a picture for your fanroll of my son and I reading the book I won….I think about it when I’m lying in bed and can’t sleep, but middle of the night pictures aren’t my best side. I will work on getting you a picture during the waking hours. Maybe that should be my resolution…

  11. I am glad I am not the only one you were hounding for pics.

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