Papa K Gets His Hulk On


Many things happened on my blogging hiatus… but none more interesting than the one where I almost self-destructed in a mix of blind rage and absolute confusion at the idiocy and hatefullness of some people.

Alas, I’m not allowed to really divulge into much of what happened but I can tell you it involved several people lashing out at my wife for no good reason other than to make themselves feel better.  I’d seen my wife suffer through the indecency of “these people” for quite some time and, quite frankly, had seen and heard just about enough of it.

My “fuse” is the length of several hundred football fields.  It takes quite a feat of dumbassiveness to reach the dynamite stick containing all the pent-up frustration I have against the human race’s more inept species.  Unfortunately, some of the inept burnt the last bit of my fuse.

And then…

I’ve always been the mediator, always the problem solver, always the one there to calm everyone else down and always the one ready to forgive at the moment a truce is given.

Not this time.

This time heads would roll, hearts would be ripped from rib cages, ears would be worn as necklaces and rectums would be turned inside-out.

I think after years of calming enraged fraternity brothers, standing between friends about to strangle each other and listening to my wife groan about not finding any jeans that fit… it was my turn to show a little rage.

And I did.

I said things that were 100% true (with a perhaps a little too much color commendation) but had my peace and at the urging of my wife was reduced to keeping it at exactly that rather than expand the timeline of hateful exchanges until the end of time.  I was like the Energizer Bunny: ready to keep going and going and going and going and going and……………well….. you get the idea.

No physical punches, slaps, face-raking, eye-gouging, crotch-kicking, skull-crushing or intestinal-carving took place… although mentally I can’t say I didn’t imagine it a few times.  Verbally, I think my words cut like poison arrows and I hope they continue to seep the angry words of truth coursing through their rotted veins and black hearts. 

It wasn’t an enjoyable experience but one that required action on my part to defend what I cherished the most. 

I’ll finish by saying that there is no more room in this world for narcissists to create their own reality where nothing they say is wrong.  What they don’t know is that “narcissist” is a nicer word than “complete dumbass idiot freaknut poopbrain face”.

Yes.  I said “complete dumbass idiot freaknut poopbrain face.”  I never knew I could be so cold.


Anyone else know any complete dumbass idiot freaknut poopbrain faces our there?


15 responses to “Papa K Gets His Hulk On

  1. Your brashness is hidden by the true meaning of you message, well done sir! I also agree with you.

  2. These people were probably women and hurting her was definitely to make them feel better about themselves and derives completely out of jealousy.

    I try not to do that… I usually only whisper about them behind their back in polite company 🙂

    Just kidding.

    It’s really sad that humans are like this at all… It really is… Good for you for sticking up for her and hopefully the people learn something from it all.

  3. It it builds to that point with guys like you and me, then it should have been said long ago. I am with you. Good for standing up for your wife.

    And Happy New Year.

  4. I know a few of those type of people. You really meet them when you work with the public. I love that you want to defend your wife. I am the same way. If someone even looks cross at my wife, I want to turn them into roadkill. There has been a number of times when she has has to tell me to just calm down. Probably a good thing, because I’m not a ninja or anything cool like that. I’d really like to be like that guy Liam Neeson played in “Taken.” Good stuff.

  5. She’s lucky to have a champion. I find it indescribably awesome that you defended her like that. Bravo, my friend.

  6. Several, I know several!



  7. Chris,

    Mindy and I chated about this during my visit and I hope you know that what you did for her was really the light that saved her. She is super grateful for you standing up for her when she did not have the strength and I’m grateful too. She is my best friend and I wish I could be there for her more often. She is very blessed to have you. Thank you for taking care of my bestie!! You both are awesome!

  8. YES! I DO know a person like that!

    And unfortunately, it’s my mother. It is absolutely horrible. Case in point: my precious eldest son (he’s 8) JUST finished his 3 long years of chemo for his leukemia. Yesterday – the day after he was done with ALL chemo meds – the doctors find that he relapsed in his central nervous system. Now he will need 2 more years of yet worse chemo, plus cranial radiation. I shudder to think of it. But my lovely mother – who didn’t even call the kids for the holidays because she’s mad at me about who-knows-what – responds to my email update by complaining that although she “thinks of the kids every day”, it is impossible to get news of them since I haven’t updated his CaringBridge site. That’s it! No compassion for her own grandson, no “sorry to hear that”, NADA.

    Sorry to vent but we are all devastated right now and her narcissism is the last straw. I totally understand your frustration with “complete dumbass idiot freaknut poopbrain faces”!

    • Man Natalie! I’m really sorry to hear all that!! I honestly don’t know what to say other than that I’ll pray for you guys. Stay strong and don’t let your mother get to you like that.

      • Thanks Papa K. I appreciate the prayers – we’re going to need them.
        And since I first came here from a link on your sister’s blog, please please pretty please ask her to post just a teeny, tiny, leeeetle update so those of us wondering how she (and the new baby?) are doing, can satisfy our caring curiosity.

        • Believe it or not… I have asked her to do that because you’re not the first person to ask me that question.

          I think she’s pretty much done with blogging quite honestly (which makes me sad) and she wants to find a good way to close it out and doesn’t quite know how. I can assure you that baby Judah is doing great and mama is doing great too though.

          I’ll make sure and tell her again and see if she won’t sucumb to the wave of incoming requests to give everyone what they want with a tiny post about how she and the baby are doing.

          • Oh good! I am so glad to hear that she & little Judah are doing well. After her miscarriage, I was afraid her silence might mean problems with her new baby. Hope she comes back to the blogging world!

  9. Sigh. Mindy and I have shared many a terror tales about our families on the treadmill. I remember a long time ago I saw a Dr. Phil episode in which he says, blood or not, anyone toxic to your life can’t stay there. Period. We enable monsters by allowing them to continue behaving in a negative way.

    Chris, she is so lucky to have someone that has her back no matter what! Good for you!

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