Tattooing Your Toddler The Right Way

As DLG nears her third birthday, her mother and I wonder when she’s going to start inquiring about when she might be able to pierce her ears (like her daddy).  I’m not one to go and pierce her ears before she’s able to tell me that’s what she wants.  In my humble opinion, once she’s reached an age she can make that kind of decision, I think she should ask for it.

She asks for oatmeal in the morning… so I give it to her.

She asks to go to the potty… so I take her.

She asks me why baby’s cry… I tell her it’s because they don’t have a daddy like me.

She asks me “Daddy, if you have two blocks of clay in cube form and the edges are 10 cm then how many spheres with a radius of 5 cm can you make with that amount of clay?”… I tell her three.

She’s reaching an age where she can make decisions and ask hard questions.  Who am I to hold her back from what she wants or wants to know?

She told me she wanted some tattoos just like me today… so I took her to my tattoo guys and she came away with a pretty awesome tattoo sleeve:

She said she wanted “hearts and stars and rainbows all up and down” her arm… so that’s what I made sure she received.

Before you go getting all judgemental on me for getting my kid tattooed before she’s even in preschool then I challenge you to a fist fight in the Wal-Mart parking lot… no one challenges my parenting abilities.  I just want my beautiful daughter to be happy.  If tattoos are what she wants… then tattoos are what she gets.  That’s the right way to do things.

Oh… before we left the tattoo shop she said she wanted to get a big heart tattoo on her tummy so I let her get one of those too:

I’m… so… proud… of her!!!



What do you think of toddler tattooing?
then x = ?


15 responses to “Tattooing Your Toddler The Right Way

  1. Sooo cute! You’re a good dad, and toddler tattooing is okay in my book.

  2. Mine both wore the tattoos of their choice for years, so I’m all for it. Problem is, it kept coming off in the bath, so I had to keep paying that tattoo guy over & over…

    Your daughter is adorable! Let them have tattoos now & they might not want them later.

  3. That’s cool. My daughter asked for earrings when she was 4, and we did it. I REALLY wish we hadn’t. She has trouble with them, and we have since removed them. She can get them redone when she gets older. As for tattoos, I don’t know if I could handle my kids with those!

  4. I used to dream about getting tattoos when I was a kid. But, then when I grew up I totally chickened out. 🙂

  5. What, none on the face? OH COME ON!

  6. Personally I don’t see anything wrong with your parenting tattooing abilities… and the sleeve is classically done.

  7. Very nice Papa K! Your daughter is adorable by the way…but you already know that!

  8. Awesome! Mine got into stamps and stamp pads once. It was super great. They stamped little bitty baby feet on their biceps. I took pictures. 🙂 I think she’s gorgeous!!

  9. She is going to make some Rock Star a happy husband some day.

  10. OMG is my baby wearing jeggings?? She is too cute!

  11. Amazing! No ugly scabbling at all. It must be because she’s so adorable.

  12. That’s hilarious and cute. Good job Dad!

  13. Seriously… if you wanna read some idiots comment who REALLY thought I tattooed my kid then go to this post and read the comments:

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