“What’s She Doing With Him?”

Have you ever seen a smokin’ hot chick with some douchebag and wonder to yourself, “How and why is SHE with HIM?”

Case in point:


First of all… that dudes skin tone is about four or five shades lighter than an egg, his teeth resemble rusted scrap metal and it appears as though his left pectoral fell off into his shirt!  It’s a tragedy such a beautiful woman wound up with such a bag of leftover human parts.

You gotta give him props though I guess.  He must run an extremely successful blog to get such a rockstar wife.


11 responses to ““What’s She Doing With Him?”

  1. fuuuuuuunny….

    (and just for the record I would like to say that EVERYBODY looks like crap next to Mindy)

  2. She IS smokin’ hot 😉 And you are an awesome husband for letting the world know!

  3. Oh stop your whimpering. Just get Mindy to make you up, apply a bit of bronze toner, (oh, and some cover-up around your eyes), and you’ll be good. Well, maybe not THAT good, but better. At least people won’t gasp in disbelief.

  4. Rockstar wife…that has a nice ring I must say that your constant love and compliments NEVER get old. I must admit I feel I married up. You humble me, you slow me down to enjoy the moment, you helped make a gorgeous little girl and most of all you are a super stud! I am always proud to be by your side.

  5. She’s a stunner, that’s for sure!

  6. Beautiful. WHat a lucky guy.

  7. I out kicked my coverage as well. I just think she’s with me because I’m such a smooth talker! Yeah right!

  8. That guy totally scored! 🙂

  9. I’ve never understood the “pretty girl/ugly guy” phenom, but I’m sure glad it ends UP that way!!

    I’d be really lonely otherwise.


  10. From the comments, you still have her snowed. You have great Jedi powers, no?

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