“Why Do You Have A Headache Daddy?”

The following scene takes place at story time, between the hours of eight and nine o’clock as DLG is winding down before bed time.

Papa K (Reading “Where’s My Teddy” by Jez Alborough):  “Eddie’s off to find his teddy.  Eddie’s teddy’s name is Freddy.  He lost him in the woods somewhere.  It’s dark and horrible in there. ‘Help!’ said Eddi…”

DLG (Interrupting the story): “Why”.

Papa K: “Why what?”

DLG (Pointing to the woods in the picture book): “Why izzit dark and horrible in da woods?”

Papa K (Reeling at the simplicity of such a question): “Well, honey, because when you have so many trees close together like this then all their leaves will blot out the sunshine and it looks scaaaaaarrrry!!!!  So, anyway where were we?  Oh yeah, ‘Help! said Eddie.  I’m scared alrea…'”

DLG (Interrupting again): “Why izzit scary?”

Papa K (Slightly irritated): “Because it’s dark, honey!  Remember?  Because of the trees?”

DLG: “Why?”

Papa K:  “Because the tree branches cover up the sun!”

DLG: “Why?”

Papa K (Increasingly more irritated yet slightly amused):  “Because that’s what trees do, okay!!” 

DLG: “Why izzit what trees do?”

Papa K (Now looking for a way out of this conversation):  “Because.  Okay?!  Not everything has to have a reason.  It’s just the way it’s always been since the beginning of time.”

DLG: “Can I have some gum?”

Papa K (shocked at the sudden change of subject): “No honey!  We have to go to bed!  You can have some in the morning.”

DLG: “Why?”

Papa K (Here we go again): “I swear to Zeus if you ask me ‘why’ one more time I’m going to have a mental breakdown.”

DLG: “Why daddy?”

Papa K: *sob*


Jokes have been made at how trying a child’s inquisitive mind can be and I always thought they were exaggerated… but I’m here to tell you they ain’t.

My kid asks so many questions that by the end of the day I feel like the biggest idiot because I could only answer about a third of her questions with a solid answer.

Her young brain is so in need of stimulation I trust she feels the need to ask questions incessantly.  I’ve never been one to deny her the answer to any one of her questions… even if I am the biggest idiot on the planet and all I can muster is an “I don’t know honey” or “that’s just the way it is sissy”.  I witnessed on numberous occasions a parent snapping at their kid because they asked “why” too many times or simply asked too many questions.  But I don’t see her asking questions as a negative… but rather an indication of their need to learn.  Why deny her of that?

Sure, it get’s annoying at times and leads me to the point of feeling as though I may just tear the hair from my ears.  But after the questions end I’m left with a smile on my face because not only do I find the whole thing slightly humorous…I know she’s never going to stop until she gets all her answers.

And I’m really okay with that.


11 responses to ““Why Do You Have A Headache Daddy?”

  1. The ‘why’s’ Gotta love ’em. My son is currently in the ‘How do you make’ stage. Today I have answered: How do you make: peanuts, medicine, stickers, t.v, milk,water, bendaroos, lakes, snow, uhmm, yeah. I knew peanuts and snow and milk. And kind of stickers. I’m SO smart. Hope you have better luck — and a higher IQ than me!

  2. Haaahhhaaaaa. Just wait until they are almost nine and want to know, “how exactly does Santa make it all the way around the world and why do the elves make things that Wal-Mart sells, and mom, if it really wasn’t true you would tell me right?”

    Parenting 🙂

  3. I like the food questions, and hearing where they think food comes from. Yesterday one fo them told me butter was fat from a pig.

    The why’s never stop. They make me smile and laugh too. I do my best, but don’t always have the answer. Although, they have a *very good* understanding of where babies come from. 😉 Every now and the, out of nowhere, my 4 year old will say (about the baby) “I love her. You just shot her right out!” Yep. Thatnks for making that sound as awkward as possible honey.

  4. Oh, the ”why’s”. Yeah, they both rock and suck. Pretty much like parenthood. Rocks and sucks. Really depends on the day. Don’t know if DLG has been in the bathroom with Bunny at her time of the month yet, but THAT’S a fun conversation to have, too. Of course, you can lie your head off, and they’ll pretty much believe anything you say!! That’s what Paul and Matthew do, anyways.

  5. I think that its awesome you are patient and try to answer all her questions. I agree if you dont know a answer you should it up together. 🙂

  6. I miss the whys and regret that I didn’t appreciate them enough when they were happening.



  7. Laughing at the gum question. I’ve heard that one too many times. “Gum?! What? No! You’re in bed!”

  8. Okay…memory time: when your sister Pam was four, I wrote a poem about all her questioning. Here’s the last part: “Little girl – please ask me now, before you go…into tomorrow where you will know…That grownups are so awfully smart…They prefer to see without their hearts. Little girl —please be wise. Keep on asking: Why?”
    That’s when we get into trouble, when we stop asking. Sometimes, the answer is “Why not?”

  9. u did pretty good answering her. i would have just made up stories that were maybe a little more made up for my amusement till the child got bored and lost interest. it would grow they’re imagination and my creativity.

  10. Yeah, that’s pretty much how it goes. HAHA. My kid asked me why snow was white. I tried really hard to explain how white is when a substance reflects all the colors of the visible spectrum whereas black is when the object doesn’t reflect any of them. So then, naturally he said “Well, yeah, but why does it reflect all the light? Okay smarty pants — ummm. 🙂

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