Papa K Enjoys Your Questions So Punish Him With Some More

Was Papa K once employed as a part-time mime?

What famous douchey guy did Papa K once aspire to be?

Does Papa K enjoy sitting on his own face?

Who made Papa K so mad that he converted to momentary cannibalism?

Can Papa K crush an entire life force with nothing more than his forehead?

Was Papa K arrested once for being way to hot for his own good?

How many transients has Papa K kicked in the gooch?

What cassette does Papa K currently have playing in his Walkman?


The answer to all your questions is… I don’t know! 

Why don’t you ask him?


I’ve done these question and answer things before… and I quite like it!  Sometimes as a writer I struggle in my creativity and your questions help.  My creativity diminishes mainly because I write at night when I can concentrate i.e. Bunny and DLG are in bed and my work is done.  Mr. Sandman usually shows up not long after Bunny and DLG are in bed.  We usually cut-up and carry on… then we wind up doing a few lines of sleeping dust (it tastes like chicken enchiladas).  It doesn’t take long for my eyelids to close and along with it goes my creativity.

And, for the sake of a good time, I’ll throw a giveaway into the mix.  Simply ask me a question and you’re automatically entered to win a $15 iTunes (or any other you prefer) gift card!  Since I didn’t get as many participants in my last giveaway as I would have liked… I’m going to extend it into this post.  If you were a poster on the previous blog post where I was doing a giveaway then feel free to comment away on this one and double your entry into the drawing for the $15 iTunes gift card!

No question is a bad question and no question will go unanswered.  As you have seen on some of my past posts I will put forth due effort into answering any question regardless of how hilarious, serious, inappropriate, appropriate or random (Do you cry after sex?) they are.

So ask away folks!  I eagerly await!  If you do… there could be a $15 iTunes (or any other you prefer) gift card in your future!


It’s late.  I’m tired.  I just thought this was hilarious.


10 responses to “Papa K Enjoys Your Questions So Punish Him With Some More

  1. what happen to ur dance friday blog/videos?
    ok serious question now: if u were any super hero how would u be? or what would be ur super power?
    no no serious hmm how did u deal with ur depression? did u see a doctor or was it more a self conversation and writing that helped u work things out?

  2. Cool idea. Do we get an entry for each question? or just one per participant? Is this three entries for me? Four?

    If you were to participate in a music video, which song would it be and who/what would you be/do in the video?

  3. I do my writing typically in the morning, but I find it no better than at night because I force myself awake, thus effectively making myself just as useless in the morning as I am at night! I guess we fathers are just screwed that way. Let’s see if I can help you with some creative questions — If you had to live with being either horribly disfigured or sacrificing 30 IQ points, which would you chose? What if you gained 10 IQ points by choosing the disfigured option and became an Adonis by choosing the dump option?

  4. If you could spend the night in bed with anyone in the world, would you still pretend it was Kim Kardashian?


  5. Would you let Clay Aiken penetrate you with a signed Rangers baseball bat? Would you also let Nolan Ryan watch?

  6. Candice is a tad kinky!


  7. If you could spend a day with a cartoon character, in their environment, who would it be and why?

    Daphne Blake *sigh*

  8. Candice – thanks for that visual delight.

    Here’s a question that may not help you write, but would certainly help my SAHM self understand some “popular things: Who is “Snooky”? Why is she/he/whoever a celebrity? Help me understand so I can at least follow conversations.

    Why don’t you like football? (Not that I do, I just wonder why you don’t.)

    Does WordPress make a free blog? Have you used it? What do you think of it? How much did you own “domain” cost? WTF is a “domain” and how do you get one?

  9. I’m having a hard time thinking of questions.
    Do you cook? If so, what is your favorite thing to make? Whats your favorite thing that Bunny makes?

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