Cabin Fever Ain’t So Bad

Happy February.  Since this is the month that contains Valentines Day, I’ve decided to dedicate each week of this month to someone/something I love.  The 1st – 7th of this month are dedicated to my beautiful daughter: DLG.


Usually around this time of year we’ve been hit with a few snowstorms here and there and getting snowed on it old news.  However, this winter has been unusually tame for Oklahoma and our local TV weathermen have just been chomping at the bit to freak out the entire population.  This week they got their chance.  They successfully got everyone flipped out with their “State of Emergency 2011” or “We’re All Going To Die 2011”.  It’s always extremely laughable to me at how freaked out people around here get when we get a foot of snow.  The grocery stores are ransacked, people don’t know how to drive and some resort to cannibalism.  It’s just freakin’ ridiculous.

Anyway, I work from home and Bunny’s work got cancelled so we were stuck inside our nice warm bungalow while the snowy winds blanketed our neighborhood in nice, fluffy snow.

I’ve said this before, but one of the greatest things about having a kid is being able to experience everything through their eyes.

Case in point:

Elapsed time in which we were outside in the snow: 2 minutes.

Temperature outside: 2 degrees.

We needed hot tea to unfreeze DLG’s face:

Being trapped at home, I had to resort to turning our entire living room into one huge bed:

Living all day in your pajamas gets rough:

Happy we were able to scrounge up enough food rather than eat each other, I took in “Despicable Me” with DLG in our living-room-bed:

Maybe we should move to Alaska.


8 responses to “Cabin Fever Ain’t So Bad

  1. Despicable Me = Best movie ever!

    I am glad you kept your wits about you and didn’t go all Jeffrey Dahmer ln your family.


  2. Despicable Me is AWESOME! I hope you enjoyed it with DLG. My fav line “You got shrunk tiny mouthwash!” Something about it gets me every time we watch the movie, which is like a million times already! We are also snowed in here in Michigan, sent the kids outside today, pictures to come soon.

  3. Living room bed = epic win.

  4. I know! Toronto was talking about “snowmageddon” for 3 days before it came, and when it did it was not a full storm. It was just a long…snow. Anyway sounds like you had a wicked day. And I FULLY agree: snowstorms are perfect excuses to curl up with hot chocolate and blankets and read or watch movies. I don’t get why people get so stressed about this.

  5. Despicable Me is an awesome movie!

    You can keep that snow..we’ve at enough here in Georgia.

  6. Hmmmm… Actually makes me a little jealous. We don’t have the side benefit of canceled work and snow to play in when it gets ridiculously cold and windy down here. Our skin just cracks and falls apart.

  7. living room bed? i like it! and noticed the coffee table is fixed ahah. wish my work was canceled stupid snowbomb.

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