A Papa K Archieve Pick: My Little Girl’s Poem

I wrote this poem over two years ago and it still brings a tear to my eye as I read it.  I remember having gone through so much emotionally back then and this poem really nails it.  It seemed perfect to add to this week of posts that I’ve dedicated to DLG:


As I sit here and hold you in the dark

And you sleep in my arms

I can’t stop looking at your beautiful face.

It looks so peaceful and calm

I can tell what great care God took

To shape the curves of your face.

The effects of the world have had no bearing on your look.


As I run my hand along the curve of your cheek,

Your skin feels as smooth as a ceramic vase.

You do not make a single sound,

For your dream must be a good one.

I rub my finger across your tiny eyebrows

And I think “I’ve never noticed how lovely they are” until now.

I continue to run my hand through your fine hair

And wonder how you could get any more picturesque.

I trace the outline of your perfectly sculpted ear

And think it’s a shame they’ll be covered by your hair before too long.


As I place my hand on your chest to feel you breath you let out a sigh.

It’s a sigh of comfort and of content.

A tear comes to my eye

Because I feel I have done my duty to comfort you

And I wish someone was there to comfort me.

Then almost as immediately as that thought comes to my mind

I realize it to be true.


You see, little daughter of mine,

There is Someone who holds me too.

He holds me close to His heart and knows I am a beautiful creation

He is always there and I am wrapped in His arms

Through this dream that is my life

He runs His hand along my cheek and through my hair

He listens to me breath in the same I listen to you

He stills His breath when I squirm

And smiles when I let out a contented sigh

He tightens His hold when my dreams become nightmares

And soothes me as I find my way through them

Tears come to His eyes

Because he knows how hard they must have been.

But He is there to comfort me through

As I will be here to comfort you through yours.

One day, many years from now, when I wake from my dream

He will still be holding me.

“Well, good morning” He’ll say,

“Tell me about your dream.”


It’s getting late now

And I wish these moments could last forever.

Because even as I hold you

You’re growing up too fast.

You won’t even remember these moments that we had

But I forever will.

And what you may not know now

Is that He holds you close to His heart as well

Because you are his beautiful child too.


Oh little child of mine

I wish I knew how you

Who knows so little

Could teach me so much.

From this dream and beyond,

I love you endlessly



7 responses to “A Papa K Archieve Pick: My Little Girl’s Poem

  1. Oh Papa K. DLG is so lucky to have you as her Daddy.

  2. You may write a million posts, Chris, but they don’t get any better than this. Think maybe the Holy Spirit was whispering in your ear? Perfect.

  3. that was beautiful chris. how ur not a well known published author i don’t know!

  4. Awww, that was beautiful 🙂 I’m incapable of that level of emotional awareness so I like to read people who are.

  5. I guess what gets me is how you can go from such a sensitive, emotional writer in one post to a guy who talks about boobs in another. You do have talent man. I hope that you let DLG read your poem someday. I too have written to both of my kids when they were very young, but nothing as powerful as your poem. Keep up the good Dad work.

  6. Love this idea. Need some for my 4 year. Perfect for trips to the mall, disneyland, target, walmart…

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