One Of Life’s Greatest Mysteries

For February (since it’s the month of LOVE) I’ve decided to dedicate each week in the month to someone/something I love.  February 1st – 7th have been dedicated to blogging about DLG.  Today is the last day in this month in which I exclusively blog about her… February 8th – 14th are dedicated to blogging about Bunny, one of which will be a guest post on Real World: Venus Vs. Mars… so stay tuned for that one!


I loved the show “Unsolved Mysteries” as a kid.  Mysteries like the Philadelphia Experiment, The Loch Ness Monster or crop circles really get my mind wandering and wonder if some day these mysteries will ever be solved.

There is in fact one mystery in my own life I can’t figure out and am contemplating contacting some paranormal investigators or science detectives to get to the bottom of it. 

So… what is this mystery that has me so flummoxed? 

“When my kid is overly tired… why do they get MORE hyper?”

DLG has had the same nap schedule for years.  Generally, five hours after she wakes up in the morning she is yawning and ready to take a nap.  Sometimes we get thrown off schedule and she may have missed a nap the previous day or woke up extra early that morning or daddy was busy trying to get Kim Kardashian to respond to him on Twitter and didn’t notice what time it was.  Whatever the reason may be, she’s overly tired and it’s quite obvious.  My thought process tells me that, “She is soooooo going to crash”.


Quite the opposite in fact.

An hour or so later, over the buzz of our baby monitor, I will still hear DLG be singing to herself, kicking the wall or “reading” to herself (even though it’s pitch black in her room).

In this situation, I know beyond a shadow of a doubt how tired she is and if I go into her room and retrieve her from her bed she’ll be a grumpy, hyper little turd the rest of the afternoon because she is so tired.  Which begs the question, “If you’re tired… WHY DON’T YOU GO TO SLEEP!!!!”. 

When I’m tired I don’t get hyper!?  I get… sleepy.  And I go to sleep.  No mystery there.

But the real brainteaser is why a child, who’s little body can get so easily ravaged with exhaustion, suddenly seems to re-energize as if she’s happened upon a Super Mario “power-up” mushroom.

DLG fixin’ to get a second wind…

Is this problem prevalent in any other homes?  If so, we might have an all out, wide-spread conundrum on our hands.


Don’t forget to come back tomorrow as it’s the first day I start writing about Bunny (and all her lovable “attributes”… hee hee) AND I’ll reveal the winner of the $15 iTunes gift card (it’s not too late to enter)!!  Also, in a separate contest I’m doing, you can enter to win some TattooID’s!  I’m like freakin’ Santa Claus!!


11 responses to “One Of Life’s Greatest Mysteries

  1. I love unsolved mysteries. when i cant sleep at night I always put on that show “signs” with Mel Gibson. Not sure why but love it.


  2. My kids are the same way, and it drives me nuts! I just wonder if when we are kids we know something that we forget as adults. Kids always want to avoid sleep, while I could ALWAYS go for a nap. In fact, I think since my son is napping now, I’m going to lay down!

  3. It’s a mystery like the Trinity.

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  5. First of all, the sweet little darling is playing…she/he is busy as the proverbial bee gathering up knowledge, processing it, discovering new things about the world…when suddenly…the yellow light comes on: “Caution..
    I’m full” (that’s her/his brain speaking). NOW…the need to lay down with the brain all full to the brim and “sleep on it”…so those overachieving cells can, you know, sort it all out, make two-yr old sense out of it, and get her/him all set to do the afternoon show, so to speak. BUT…go a little bit over time and the brain starts to spasm…it can’t handle it…more information…noooooooo. So she/he freaks out, resulting in, as you say, more hyper-ness than usual. Sleep? Ha! Naps? That’s for old people! I am invincible! I can reduce a grown man/woman (mom and/or dad) to tears!! I RULE!! All that power is not good for a 2 yr old though – so…moral of story: get her down for her nap on TIME, you ninny!

  6. Anymore mysteries you need solving?

  7. We have the same problem here! Over some time though I have noticed if we’re calm, she’ll be more calm than super hyper, but not for long. I’m also thinking sticking to a time to read a little before bed/nap helps a little too. I definitely agree, sticking to a schedule helps! Our two year old does the same thing DLG does, shows signs of being tired and let her go to long and she’s in overdrive! 🙂 Good luck! By the way we loved that show, I’m sure my sisters and I could still quote the phone number! 🙂

  8. Routine, its all about having a routine….I was almost draconian in my bedtime routine with my kids…Regardless if they were tired or not they went to be at “X” time…they lived by my schedule…It made all of the difference in the world.

  9. YES!!!! I t is a widespread conundrum indeed! With our first child, who had a hard time sleeping through the night, DH had the bright idea of KEEPING HIM UP so he would sleep better. Boy did the backfire! I just don’t know why the heck they don’t close their little eyes and get the rest they need when they are clearly exhausted. If you solve this mystery be sure to share!

  10. I have the same exact problem! My son goes to bed at the same time most nights of the week, but about 30 minutes before, he does exactly what you are describing. I know he’s tired, especially the days when he does not take a nap at daycare, but no matter what each night before bedtime he’s flying through the house like he just got shot up with crack. Case in point-last night. I pick him up from daycare and learn he again did not take a nap. You could see the exhaustion in his eyes. My husband was starving and did not want to wait for me to cook dinner, so we ended up eating out. Well a dinner that should have taken 45 minutes from start to finish ended up taking almost 2 hours and by this time my son was beyond exhausted. He fell right to sleep in the car on the way home. We get home, I carry him inside and he is groggy and has a hard time balancing when I set him down. We go into his room to put on pjs and get into bed, and what does he do? Start jumping on the bed and screaming/laughing of course!!! (I mean what else would you do when you’re exhausted?) We get the jammies on and put him to bed, within in minutes he is out.
    I know God doesn’t make mistakes and He has made us all perfect…but sometimes I just want to ask Him, why do children have so much energy when adults need it more???

  11. And where is the facebook like link ?

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