Papa K Gets Trained

I’m a little behind on answering your questions.  I had requested everyone ask me questions before I came up with this idea to set each week in the month of February to talk about something/someone I love.  So that means that I won’t get around to answering the questions until March BUT I do need to award the random commenter their $15 iTunes gift card (or any other gift card they’d like) by commenting on either this post or this post).  So without further ado, the winner of the gift card generated from for simply asking me a question (or telling me who’s autograph they’d like) is……


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When I first met Bunny, I wasn’t the perfect picture of male chivalry for her.  In fact… I was quite the sloth.

I look back at the clothes I wore and the things I did and I’m not surprised that I hadn’t found the buxom Playboy bunny I’d always dreamed of running in to.



Yes… that’s me with a bleached goatee

I just needed a Playboy bunny to look past my t-shirts, khaki cargo pants, bleached goatee and beer breath and take on my charity case.   A charity case that I will assure you… was looking pretty bleak.

Then THE  ONE AND ONLY Bunny entered my life and decided to give it a shot.

No.  I haven’t been beat up.  That’s just the way I look in the morning.

I needed some training not only on how to dress but on how to operate with a woman in my life.  I had been a bachelor my whole life and while I wanted to settle down with a lady-friend I was oblivious to the ways a woman wants to be treated.  I just needed my eyes opened a little bit.

Bunny recalls one time many years ago when she was hanging out with me in my apartment and I got up, went to the kitchen, made a hideous TV dinner and sat back down next to her to eat it without asking her if she’d like anything!!!  Or when I left her to get a pop out of the pop machine without asking her if she wanted anything.

Not crimes of epic proportions I know… but relationship crimes nonetheless.  Whether most dudes want to admit it or not, it IS the gentlemanly thing to do to look out for your wife or girlfriend before you go looking out for yourself.


If you don’t carry your wife everywhere… then you ain’t a gentleman…

From the years I’ve been with Bunny, I haven’t only become a better person on the inside… but on the outside as well.  My chivalry and fashion sense are better and as much as some “manly” men wouldn’t want to admit it I believe that the wide majority of women like a well-dressed, polite guy.

Hey… who’s that guy with my wife!!!!  Oh yeah… that’s me.  In a sweater-vest.  Sweater Vests are sooooo gangsta.


If you’re a chick… is being polite and attentive to your needs important?

If you’re a dude… do you think it’s wimpy or “un-manlike” to be sensitive and kind?

If you’re a hermaphrodite… do you get to decide if you want to pee standing up or sitting down?


5 responses to “Papa K Gets Trained

  1. women like a sharp dressed man, c’mon zztop taught us that. and for the polite thing thats just good manners for everyone at ur house. its a reflection of how u were raised on your parents. not judging you as a dude in collage. now thing of the young men DLG ends up dating like her mom, lets hope she hollers ,at the dude forgetting to ask her if she wanted anything, yes i would like a drink thank you! you’ve come a long way Chris, congrats bunny on a job well done!

  2. Needs? What are these “needs” of which you speak?

  3. Dude, I lost three levels of respect for you, a Pike?!? Seriously?!?
    With our blogging history, I shall let this blemish on your past be forgiven….

    Oh and you tell your wife she’s beautiful. like every day. You, well I guess you’re ok to.

    And you’ve gotta burn that sweater vest, like right now.

    • Dude… I wasn’t only a Pike I was a FOUNDING FATHER for our chapter!

      And quite honestly… the Pikes at my college were actually really cool. We knew a couple other chapters who were complete douchebags. And I was never much into that “MY FRAT ROCKS OVER YOURS!” I just wanted to party and get drunk… I didn’t care what fraternity it was with.

      Sweater vests are gangster

  4. I agree! Your fashion sense had evolved considerably. 🙂 I also agree that the ability to carry your wife around is very manly. Wives tend to dig that kind of gesture. BTW, My dad was Pi Kappa Alpha (I’m pretty sure). I never joined a fraternity because I was too busy being totally invisible in college.

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