Valentines Day: A Day To Be Overly Smarmy

So here we are at another Valentines Day.

And, as always, I’ll join the mass of bloggers as they etch their words of love and affirmation for their loved ones in the vast, expansive blogosphere.

In my case, that loved one would be Bunny:

My Photos | Mindy

But, what makes this post so much different from any other post, is that I’m not rallying all of my efforts to get a multitude of people on my blog to read about my undying love and devotion to my wife.  This post is quite simply just for her.

So… read on if you like.  Otherwise this might get a little too smarmy for you.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

So anyways…

Bunny: without saying too much of what I’ve already said over and over again, I love you with a deepness not even I can explain.  You have helped guide me into the person I’ve become today and I’m light years beyond what I ever thought I could be.

You carried our beautiful daughter for nine months and did it so gracefully.


The sacrifices you’ve made to keep this family operating the way it operates do not go unnoticed and I hope you know that one day you’ll see what a difference you’ve made in the lives of those who you care about the most.  Our daughter loves you and will continue to love you because of the person you are and the mother you’ve become.

Nothing make me more angry than someone who wrongly accuses your intentions.  I know the conditions of your heart and I would die to protect their integrity.  I’ve never been more ready to protect you than I have this past year.  I’m proud to say that it’s something I wasn’t quite sure I had in me and it’s the love we share that brought it out of me. 

Your personality can light up a room and your smile is like a 10,000 watt lightbulb.  Your beauty quite simply transcends time and I must say I’m quite proud of myself knowing that I “married up”.  You are the trophy wife to end all trophy wives… but your beauty is just a bonus.  It’s what’s inside of you that makes me keep falling in love with you over and over again.

All my love babe.

Thanks for being married to a five like me… even though you’re a ten.

PS – you have sweet boobs too.


9 responses to “Valentines Day: A Day To Be Overly Smarmy

  1. Now that you’ve kissed the floor she walked on, did you remember to get her flowers and candy? 😉

    All the kidding aside, I liked what you said about your wife. The boobs, I mean. Just kidding!

  2. Nice work, sir. This will definitely get you some points today.

  3. Dude. She is so freakin’ hot. And just because I’m a nice guy, you can come over and beat me up for ogling, because you’re her badass protector.

    Yeah, yeah, I know. She could kick my ass too.

  4. Bunny doesn’t have a blog on which to gush, but I will venture to guess that she might say that her finest attribute is that SHE ADORES YOU!! (well, maybe that’s not actually an “attribute”, but she does it really well!)

  5. Crazy, undying love is ok with me. My dad, who really loved my mom, said every day when he left the house, “Give this old boy a kiss he’ll remember all day long!” She always did. It was a great example, and a great memory for me.


  6. I love your relationship. You two are so great together. Plus, she is soooo beautiful!!!

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