Ripped Pecs To Man Boobs And Back Again

For the final week of February I had chosen to write all about boobs.

Well it’s the final day of the final week and I am still going to stick to my plan.

But I’m gonna talk about my boobs.

My man-boobs.

There was a time when my boobs weren’t boobs… they were rippled pecs. 

I’m 31-years-old these days and although I may appear not to be overweight… I can feel myself slipping away.  I used to be able to eat ice cream every night, beer every weekend and an entire pizza if I was hungry enough and still look like this:

Circa 2005

Now, after years of consuming mass quantities of various crap foods without consequence… it’s finally starting to catch up with me:

Circa a few months ago…

Or this:

Circa a year ago…

Or more specifically this:

And this:

I’ll spare you a picture of my sagging breasts even though I know you’re begging to see them.

I’ve been noticing my body taking the “I’m a married man with kids and I’m just comfortable” form for a while.  While I still think it’s humanly impossible for me to become grossly obese it doesn’t mean I’m impervious to being grossly out of shape, overly buoyant or just looking like a pasty outta shape dude.

I’ve alluded to taking this weight gain seriously on this blog several times and set out to obtain Ryan Reynold’s abs numberous times… but nothing has materialized.

But luckily for me, my wife sprung this question on me several weeks ago, “Hey honey… do you want to do Weight Watchers with me?’

I was in the process of cooking some Pillsbury cinnamon rolls for breakfast but I didn’t waste a second in answering her, “Yes.  Absolutely.”

It was that morning almost three weeks ago that I decided to get happy with my body (and my man-boobs) again.  I’ve started sweating my ass off in the gym and sticking to the Weight Watchers method of eating correctly for almost three weeks.

And I’ve lost nine pounds already and my beer gut is steadily shrinking along with my second chin.  My nipples may point straight ahead again some day.

I’ve never dieted before… EVER.  I’ve never had to.  But my age is showing and I’ve got to adapt.  I’m ready to be ripped again.  I’m ready to be sexy again like Bunny.

You wait and see.  It’ll happen.  I’m gonna be a sexy beast (with a six-pack).


12 responses to “Ripped Pecs To Man Boobs And Back Again

  1. If you have a 6 pack, I’m sure it would help your training regimine if you just gave it to me. I can drink it and be your trainer at the same time.

  2. Chicks read your blog because we can relate. I too used yo be able to eat any and every thing with no ill effect. I also thought it impossible for me to become “fat”. Let me tell you, nothing is impossible. I may have been sexy and curvy. Now I am just lumpy and over 200 lbs. (Or as my kids say “soft”.)

    Good for you and Bunny doing WW. Eating better is half the battle.

  3. I’ve got some bad news for you my man, the closer you get to 40 the more difficult it’s going to get. Thems da cold hard realities of life. I went down the 6 pack route a few years ago, got to arguably a 4 and said ‘F’ it! I’ve realized that to get me a pack I have to almost starve myself, seriously. It just isn’t that important to me anymore.

    Rock on big daddy!

  4. Good for you, and good luck. I want to do the get in shape thing myself, but I have to settle for eating right. My body just won’t let me work out right now.

  5. Alright Chris, although I haven’t asked your wife’s permission to openly brag on her husband’s former body, I don’t think she’ll mind. I actually remember YOU before I ever met Bunny and while you always say you married up, I thought you were hot at the gym! Then I met your hot wife and thought, dangit, hahaha. But you always had a great body and you were always there working hard. I just always thought of you and Bunny as the hot couple.

    Part of me thinks it’s a good thing when we get happy, comfy and put on some weight because it shows we aren’t so unbelievably shallow and insecure that we are still happy with a few pounds. But at some point, yes, it’s important to keep up with yourself so you are happy looking in the mirror. And working out just relieves stress and makes me feel great, so I always tell people that is the biggest benefit for me.

    As always, your blog cracks me up…keep us posted on your progress!

  6. I gotta disagree with the closer to 40…some of my hottest friends are in their 40’s and they look even better than when they were younger. If you are willing to put in the work and some sacrifice there is no reason you can’t still be a 10 in your forties! Um, and I plan to be!

  7. Dude, I started going to the gym mostly because some old guy said I was getting fatter and fatter since I started working at my current job. Most times whatever old guys think of me doesn’t bother me, but for some reason this comment made me take a good look at myself and I started doing Zumba with some of the people where I work. I know it’s not the most manly thing to do (check out my blog for that story) but it has helped and it’s more cardio then I would do otherwise – now, I’ve started doing more weights and I do feel better. I think it’s good that you’re doing this – good luck and keep us posted.

    for the record – I’m ok with NOT seeing your man-boobs. I’ll take your word for it when your nipples start pointing up again.

  8. Dude get to a gym immediately! Your too young to have those things.
    What the hell.
    Pump some iron. Plus this will be a huge turn on to your wife. i promise

  9. great now i gotta hit the gym just to keep up with ya. as u set the standard in everything blog world. thanks alot..hahahh

  10. GO STEVE!!!! It’s a wonderful thing to feel healthy and good in and about your body. If you find working out to be boring, try boxing. GREAT upper body workout! 😀

  11. We just couldnt leave your website before telling you that we really enjoyed the quality information you offer to your visitors:):D Will be back soon to check up on new stuff you post:)

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