Road Rage Consumes Me

A while back I wrote about the idiocy of those drivers who can’t seem to get it through their thick skulls that you’re DRIVING 55 MPH IN THE FAST LANE!!!  MOVE OUT OF THE WAY!!!

I’m not an aggressive driver, I’m not even an overly fast driver… I just have my cruising limit and I don’t like to break it.  Yet it happens without fail that every time I drive on the highway there is bound to be some inbred toddling along in their Hyundai as if they’re the only person in the Universe. 

Road rage is imminent.

Quite recently, Bunny and I were returning from my hometown from a visit we had with my family when we came upon a person driving in the fast lane who hadn’t seemed to notice that a good number of cars had to go around her in order to continue their route.  I’m not someone who approaches confrontation often and I usually resort to giving the driver an icy stare as I swerve around them in hopes they’ll notice my bloodshot eyes bulging from their sockets.  But I didn’t feel like doing that this time… I had swerved around too many blockheads without them even registering what the hell they were doing wrong.

So this time I rear-ended them.  This caused their car to fishtail then flip over the side rail of the bridge we were on.  I didn’t stop but as I looked in my rear view mirror I did notice a small mushroom cloud.  Hopefully that’ll resolve that problem.

I’m kidding.  I didn’t do that.  I can’t say I didn’t imagine it though.

Instead of crashing into the car on purpose I simply continued to cruise on as I would if I expected the car in front of me to move.  They didn’t despite the obvious 15MPH+ faster I was going.  When I was a good half second away from their bumper I slowed down and flashed my brights at them.  When nothing happened… I flashed them again.



Needless to say I didn’t do the most Christian thing I could have done at that moment in time.  I was caught in the moment and extremely frustrated. 

So after doing my un-Christian activities, I did what I’ve always done a thousand times before that: I swerved around her and iced her with my bulging eyeball stare.

I could not believe the audacity of this person!  Even after I sped well in front of her I watched in my rear view mirror as other cars had to swerve around her.  Are people seriously THAT clueless?  I tend to give people the benefit of the doubt a lot but c’mon… buy some Miracle Grow and sprinkle it on your brain stem because there ain’t nothing there.

So, since neither of these two methods have worked for me up to this point, I’ve decided to spell it out for these jackasses.  Every time I pass by someone holding up the fast lane I’m simply going to place this sign in my driver’s side window:

If that doesn’t work I may just have to start carrying a bazooka.


6 responses to “Road Rage Consumes Me

  1. I will be the first to say that this idea seems like it might be effective – however, “might” is the operative word here. You might be feeling road rage, but the dumbass could be a dangerous dumbass (the worst kind). The world is full of nuts – and alot of them have the audacity to get in cars and drive on highways.

  2. I feel the exact same way. For years I commuted to work and I swear road rage was the source of several gray hairs.

    I drove from Northern Virginia to St. Louis, MO with some friends of mine. The ENTIRE WAY THERE, we were driving either the speed limit or a few mph below it IN THE LEFT LANE. There I was sitting in the back seat, watching those icy, mean eyes of the angry people passing us in the right lane. One guy actually saw my helpless face in the back seat and changed his mean face to a smile. I know he felt my pain.

    When I brought up that the left lane is generally the passing lane to the driver he said, “In Maryland” (where he’s from) “the left lane isn’t just the passing lane, it’s the fast lane.” I replied, “Yes, but that means you actually need to be driving fast.” He got over in the right lane, causing me to think he got the hint. But after we pulled off for gas and got back on the road, it was back to the left lane going slow.

    That trip was by far the most agonizing trip I’ve ever taken.

  3. I get road rage too, but I try to control it when I have the kids in the car – your mom is right, there could be a dangerous dumbass and it’s not worth the risk when you have a kid in the car – now, when I’m by myself then “it’s on like Donkey Kong!”

  4. lol love the pic ahaha… but iv been there i give so many eyes of death when i have to pass slow ppl after i hang on they’r bumper. i even thought of getting in front of them and slowing down in front of them so parking see if they understand.

  5. I hear ya man. Technically though, you were speeding. 😉
    Good Christian you are lol.

  6. I might be adding fuel to the fire but it should also be noted that in Oklahoma state law dictates that slow traffic is to move to the right. (State statute 47-11-309) Thus all of the signs on the highway to that effect. Guess we may have a literacy problem as well?

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