Write For Papa K

I’m all about helping my fellow blogger. Since I’m the 151,321,867th most popular blog on the internet I’d love to give other up and coming writers/bloggers like myself the opportunity to showcase their abilities on my blog. It may not up your readership by more than a few, but hell… that’s a few more than you did have and you’ll have a link towards your blog for all of eternity.

I’m also looking at developing a questionaire for other bloggers where, if you don’t feel like writing a post, simply answer my questions and you’ve got yourself featured on my blog and linkage to your blog, website , etc.

Unfortunatly, there ain’t no kind of pay involved with this gig but you do get exposure (regardless of how little it may be) and the distinction of being featured on a very high quality blog (one of the top 16 million blogs on the internet!).

If you’re interested in writing a guest piece about any of the pop culture or news or family or boobs subjects I write about then drop me an email at papak4324@live.com or comment on this page with your contact information and I’ll make it happen!

Hope to hear from you!


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