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Spiked Heels Look Good And Could Kill Someone

Having an interest in heels doesn’t have to scare a man away. While (I hear) heels aren’t the most comfortable shoe to wear 16 hours a day, they do add to the sensuality of a woman. It’s hard to be slump shouldered in a pair of heels meaning they force her to stick her chest out and walk with a little zip in her do-da.

Why wouldn’t we, as men, take an interest in our women’s interest in high heel shoes? While they aren’t something that affect the way we look, it does affect the way our wife/girlfriend/robot wife feels about themselves which in turn makes them happy. Aaaaand if there’s one thing I know to be absolutely true, it’s “if mama ain’t happy… ain’t nobody happy.”

I ain’t no fashion expert. I certainly didn’t know how to dress the better part of my life before Bunny stepped into it and showed me that dressing like the Salvation Army had thrown up on me wasn’t going to make her swoon over me too much longer. Regardless of the fact I used to dress like Billy Madison, I have been able to pick out shoes for her since we’ve been together.

Call it… a gift.

So the other day when we were walking through Dillards I stopped at the sight of some shoes that looked like this:

What appears to be a medieval torture device is actually a shoe

“Ooooooo honey you’d look great in these naked with that new outfit you bought!” I said.

She actually rolled her eyes at me! ME! The shoe aficionado!!

Ever since that moment, I’ve tried to talk her in to buying a pair because I think that they’ll grow on her! I’ve also come to find out that wearing this spiked footwear is quite the rage with the famous folk and cause some fairly significant damage to someones ass should you choose to kick it.

I don't know who this person is but they appear to be famous and are wearing spiked shoes. Isn't that enough of a reason?

I mean, c’mon… at least I’m not asking her to wear this:

These shoes were made for GWAR

While I certainly don’t suggest that my wife wear high-heeled shoes without any clothes on all the time, I do think she could make a pair of these look EXTREMELY sexy.

 Your thoughts on this spiked footwear? Perhaps if I get enough positive feedback than I can get Bunny convinced that this is really the coolest thing since rat-tails.
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I’m A Trend Setter

Day fourteen of 30 posts in 30 days


“Cool” trends that have gone before me haven’t had the staying power.


Racing stripes,

Hammer pants,

and the Face Hat.

But, I’ve truly got a trend for dudes like me with slightly longer hair that we have to keep brushing out of our eyes.  Its, like… so annoying. 

May I present to you… the forward-facing-ponytail:

“Heeeey… how’s it going?  You like the forward-facing-ponytail?  Alriiiiiiight.  What?  Yes… I invented it.”

“You lookin’ at me?  I’ll hurt you.  Oh… you’re just looking at my forward-facing-ponytail!  Yes… I invented it.”

No longer do you have to worry about hair getting in your face while you mow the yard, make the bed, change a dirty diaper, clean up dog puke with grass in it or gently snip the hangnail out of your big toe with your giant nail clippers.  The problem is solved with one tiny rubber band.

Look out history… here I come.

At least one person I know thinks it’s cool… and that’s all that matters really.


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